Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Much-Needed Break

I thought I'd take a little time away from Facebook so I could focus more of my energy on my little family and making memories in these last however many days we have left together til next year.

Facebook was getting bad for me. It became this automatic thing I did because I was always logged-in on my phone. I can't even tell you the last time I sat at an actual computer. Gadgets these days, huh? Haha. It became this..automatic thing, I guess. When I woke up in the morning, I'd turn off my alarm and go straight to Facebook to catch up on what happened while I slept. All throughout the day, if I were bored or lonely, if there were pauses in conversation or during a commercial break. And even during dates with my husband. That's the one I'm the most ashamed of. These dates that are so rare..and I'm on Facebook scrolling. It was time for a break. I'll be back, of course. Ideally, on the 22nd when Orion heads back to work for the last few days. We'll see how long I can last. ;)

Yesterday, a bird somehow flew down our chimney and flapped around in the wood-burning stove for hours until it finally found its way up and out. I reached for my phone to talk about it with 130 of my "closest" friends before I'd realized what I was doing, chuckled to myself, and put my phone down.

Today, egg dyeing is on the agenda. Thanks to Pinterest and super creative people, we'll be doing so with KoolAid. The beautiful colors caught my, no stinky vinegar! We'll see how it goes..just as soon as I track down Berry Blue..or whatever it's called. Walmart had most flavors except for blue and, dang it, I want beautiful blue eggs!

Funny, I was going through the (expired) KoolAid packets I already had when Calix saw me. "What's that?" "KoolAid" "...what's KoolAid?" I guess he's never had any. I'm not complaining.

Another thing I'm excited to be doing again..taking pictures with my actual camera! I love my phone to pieces..but, Nikon takes way better photos. I need to use it more.

Time for me to get dressed and head out for that dang blue KoolAid. Have a jolly day, folks. Here's to not taking family for granted. Time is not a promise..spend it wisely. <3