Thursday, February 11, 2010

Smiles on the Horizon

I had an appointment with my new dentist on Tuesday. I brought my x-rays in like I was asked to do..and guess what? It didn't even matter. It didn't matter because the x-rays we'd waited so long for..were digital. So when they were printed out, you couldn't see everything. I ended up having to shell out the $90 for new x-rays anyway (my insurance covers x-rays once every 5 years). Not a big deal and at least they're new and up-to-date..which is what I preferred, anyway. I'm just bugged that so much time was wasted in getting them to me..when I didn't end up needing them at all.

We went over what needed to be done and how much it was going to cost (round abouts, anyway) and then she asked if I was in any pain. I said yes and pointed my biggest problem out to her. It's, what I've suspected for a long time, to be the source of everything else that's wrong with me. They do say the health of your mouth is an indicator as to how healthy your body is. Or something along those lines. Guess what? My not in awesome shape..and neither are my inner workings.

I have had an intense earache on the right side of my head for about..7 years. Meds didn't work. I wouldn't even let my husband kiss or even whisper anywhere near it. Totally sensitive. Then, last year, I developed a middle ear infection of sorts that has messed with my balance and causes me to get extremely dizzy if I turn my head too much to the left..and forget about sleeping on my left side. It doesn't happen. I will spin and spin until I vomit. Yep, ya'll..almost a year living with that one. It's a shame when you start to get used to something because you feel like there's just no hope. And the headaches! Ohhh, ya'll *know* about the headaches. On and on and on the list goes. I'm 27 years old..this is ridiculous.

I was then set up for an appointment to remove that problem..the next morning. Yesterday. I was a ball of nerves. I'm talkin..I took Pepto on the way there I was so nervous. It was a fairly quick procedure..the doctor ran into a small issue, I guess. The roots went up a little higher than he anticipated or something along those the drill was pulled out and he had to like..drill into my bone. I thought I heard him say something about bone grafting? But I could be wrong. I know he was forced to stitch me up..when it wasn't planned originally. A lot of stitches, looks like a fishnet up in there hahaha. I said "it'll be nice to see if my earache and headaches clear up now that that mess is gone" and he said "they really should" (!!!! Oh, hopeful!!) He put me on some Amoxicillin and some kind of mouth wash and sent me on my way. I return next week to remove stitches.

After that, we have a cleaning and some fillings and then I go on the 5th of April to talk about getting me set up with Invisalign to straighten everything out..and when those come off we then start the couple of implants (I guess you can't straighten your teeth after implants..which is why the straightening is coming first)..and ta dah! Bright, straight, sparkling teeth! Horray!


^^I wrote all of that on Thursday and cannot remember, for the life of me, how I was going to end it. I just know that, so far, I haven't had another headache when I was getting migraines DAILY. It made life pretty hard for me..but I internalized it as much as I could because who wants to ruin everyone else's good time, ya know? My dizzies are easing up a bit..not totally gone yet..but for sure gettimg better. I'm going to go ahead and suggest that those problems stemmed from my mouth now that the problem is gone stuff can heal. Wouldn't that be nice?

I have a lot of things to write about..but want to keep the topics separate. So. Til next time!


Hannah said...

I'm so excited for you Abby! Especially about the invisalign. Very cool

YogaNana said...

I'm excited about the extraction of Evil Tooth. Good grief!!!! Very glad this is all getting done!