Monday, March 30, 2009

Updates? I guess.

Sometimes I can't get out of a place quick enough.

This morning, I had a doctor's appointment. My blood's fine. Nothing wrong with it. So then he had me do ANOTHER pregnancy test. I'll get to that in a minute. After we get those results back, they'll call..and by they, I mean either GYN or OB-GYN depending on the probably just gyn. Anyway, and then I put in a referral for the retinal specialist. And then after he checked my breathing or..whatever..he sat me up and I was so dizzy I could have passed out and/or thrown up.

See, Friday night after I'd gone to bed I found that I couldn't roll over (especially to my left) without being overwhelmed with the dizzies. WORLD was spinning. I had to sleep flat on my back all night to prevent the dizzies. Now, I thought *maybe* I was hungover or something..but then I remembered I didn't really drink that much. Like at all. So I tried to get out of bed in the morning and I dang near fell down. Orion helped me all the way..very the bathroom. It was bad. So I popped some Excedrin and laid back down for a while. It didn't get better all day. Even last night, I still couldn't roll over without getting dizzy but I knew I had a doc appointment this I just figured I'd let him know then.

So I told him about it. I told him when I stand up..I have to catch myself from falling sometimes. And I don't mean..oh, dear..vertigo! I mean..this has been happening non-stop since Friday middle of the night. I lean over and grip onto walls or things to get from room to room. No lie. I told him I'm scared I have brain cancer or something and he was all "no. put that out of your mind." and then he gave me a paper with instructions to lay down and then sit up and lay down and sit up and lay down and sit up all fast like to see if that'll get rid of the vertigo. And let me tell you something..just HEARING him say that made me want to vomit..or hold onto something. He wrote a word on the back of my referral paper "Epley" and said when I get home to look it up online for instructions. Wikipedia to the rescue!

Click there if you want to know..and then you can click this

to find out why.

He said Orion needs to be there when I do this, obviously. So..I guess perhaps we'll try it out later and see what happens.

Onward. Okay, so then I was sent back down to the lab to do yet ANOTHER pregnancy test. Something you should know about me (if you don't already) I drink a lot of water. Like.. a lot. I like it. Nothing quenches a thirst quite like water. I'm not into soda and other salty or sweet drinks. No, thanks..water, please. You get it..I like water. I should be so totally hydrated at all times. I should be peeing clear! So the lady behind the counter asks me if I could do a urine sample for her. Sample? Why of COURSE! No problems, here! I get my cup and my baggie and I head back to the women's restroom and I do my business. Hmm, that looks a little darker than normal. It almost looks like there's blood in it or something. But I'm not bleeding. Whatever..okay. So I wash my hands and carry out my sample to place it on the counter in front of probably 15-20 people in the waiting room. There were 2 other samples from other women already up there. They were so light you could see through them. The way mine should have been! But? Not so much. In the light of the room, it almost looked like I'd handed in a cup of blood. Or whiskey. It looked like a cup of whiskey. With maybe a cloud or two of red food coloring. It was dark. There was a woman standing next to me when I handed it in and she looked more than a little alarmed at what she was seeing. I wanted out. I wanted out of that room NOW. I could feel a million eyes on me. Everyone trying to figure out what I'm there for..just what IS this girl's problem if her urine is THAT dark?? So I said "whew..looks like someone needs to hydrate!" and I tried to get Orion and the boys in the double stroller out of there now now now. Oh my gosh..I'm so embarrassed. Everyone's looking at my pee! Even if they weren't still felt like they were. It was one of those moments that was probably really only 10 seconds..but because I was so mortified and kept felt like it went on for an hour.

I have no idea what's going on with my urine..but now I'm scared. Great! Add it to the pile of why I'm going to die soon! Pile it on! My life doesn't sound dramatic enough!

So I guess now I'm waiting for the phone call to tell me that no, I'm not pregnant. Ya know..still. Annoying.


YogaNana said...

Your doctor's description of what to do was making me nauseous, too. But the benign dizziness thing is a relief. (Anything benign is always a relief, of course.)

Now we await further news.


Saint Holiday said...

The old dad begins to pray, and he puts his daughter's name on the Temple prayer roll, and he begs his little girl, "Call the Elders for a Priesthood blessing." Cause he loves her.


Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, Abby. My goodness. That excessive thirst for water is a sign of something, especially if your urine is still so dark. I don't want to say what cause I'm not TOTALLY positive, but you should tell your doctor about that symptom. I realize drinking water is good. I don't drink anything but water either, but from your description, you drink more than necessary. Just food for thought. You need answers!

Several years ago I had an infection in my inner ear that had the same symptoms. It was weird though, because it came on gradually, but kind of quickly, one afternoon. Things started to feel like they were spinning, but then it got faster and faster, and by the time two hours had passed I couldn't even stand up. I had to crawl against the wall even, and then could not stop throwing up for three days while the infection healed. The doctor did that same maneuver on me in an attempt to help, but it didn't. I finally got some awesome motion sickness medication by prescription that calmed my stomach down enough so the other medication could work. But it was HELL. Oh my gosh. That was two weeks or so before Adam S. told me he was leaving me. And then my world REALLY started spinning!

Anyway, I feel for you. What an awful feeling. I'm glad you have Orion there with you.

I love you. I agree with Dad. You should get a blessing.

Abby said...

It's not an excessive thirst by any means. I drink probably 3-4 of my water bottles a day. I think they're something like 20 ounces a piece so what is that 60-80 ounces a day? Is that considered too much? If we're doing the 8x8 rule then I'm pretty spot on. I think it as so dark because it was still early in the morning and I'd probably had..a cup of water at the most to drink at that point as I was busy getting ready to leave.

But maybe there is something else going on. Why not? Climb aboard, illnesses! There's room for one more! How about about if I check my urine collection-wise three times a day. See if it's just normally darker in the morning?

Experiment time!

Hannah said...

While I have no idea about the symptoms you're having, I do think you have to stop saying you're dying and "asking" all the illnesses to "climb aboard"

Whether it's considered positive thinking or something more spiritual, you need to stop speaking "death" over yourself.

I love you Abs and I'm praying for health and wholeness for you.

Abby said...

I wasn't being serious, Han. I was being silly in a darker way, I guess because I feel like all I am lately is sick and my blog's turned so dramatic so it was like "pile it on" but not a real pile it on because no. I do not wish death upon myself. If anything, I'm just *tired* of being so sick all the time. That's all. Nothing serious.

Once upon a time, you did the same thing. Always claiming you were dying when you weren't. It's the same thing. Dad's been doing it forever, too. I would hope you would know me a little better than to actually think I wished death upon myself. That's sad.

Hilary said...

I got the humor in there! I shouldn't laugh about you being so sick but it did make me giggle a bit. You always make me laugh though.

Annnnyway, so I really hope you feel better soon! And is it possible that the dizziness is related to (possibly) still being pregnant? I mean, one false + is one thing, but you had several, and still haven't seen AF since then... so I dunno... I just wonder if you're still knocked up, even though the other tests were negative. It all seems odd to me.

I did a lot of reading in the year it took me to get pregnant, and there were some crazy stories I found about women who had negative tests for months and finally got a + when they were 5+ months along. Weirder things have happened.

Call Tom Cruise and borrow his ultrasound machine; that will settle the confusion once and for all!

Hannah said...

I guess my comment came out wrong. No I didn't mean actually asking to die. "Speaking death" is just speaking anything negative over yourself.

I totally used to do the same thing. Always saying that I must be dying. It's only recently that I've seen what that kind of thinking was actually doing.

I'm sorry I offended you. Totally not my intention.