Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catching Up: Fun with the Fam

On Thursday, we finally gave in and bought a nav system for the van (I get tense when I have to drive somewhere I've never been..even if it seems really simple. I will even try to get out of going at all if I can. Yep. I think I have some PTSD from that car accident all of those years ago...just a theory)..and because Orion had a 4 day weekend, we took it out for a spin on Friday. It came up with all of these attractions on the island we've never been to..so we started to check them off.

First, there was the Valley of the Temples

And then there was a scare going up Pali Highway..where we were so low on gas and there wasn't another station for 4 miles. Our palms were very sweaty and we were pretty tense..but, we made it to the gas station. We looked back up at the highway and it was storming so much up there that there was no point in going back because the pictures would have sucked. So we hit the next one on the list that we'd never been to and it brought us to Makapu'u Point. We've driven by it many times..just never pulled over.

Gorgeous view! Windy..but gorgeous.

I then set the GPS to go to another place we'd never been..but didn't tell Orion where. "Just go where she says"...it brought us to Hanauma Bay. After a brief video (with song lyrics that had me church style laughing in the back row), we were granted permission to go down to the beach. It was raining. Boo. So we took a few pictures with intentions of heading back on a sunny day (free for military!).

It was time for dinner, so we headed home buzzing from the fun time we had with our small family. This is one of our favorite things to do. Just load everyone up in the van and not really know what we're going to go see or do..just have an adventure..and always *always* bring the camera with us.

Next on catching up..Maddox's birthday!


Raelene said...

I loved Hanauma Bay, and the little fish love frozen peas. They will eat them right out of your hands*!*

Abby said...

I'll bet that was pretty cool..but that must have been a little while ago because now they ask that you not feed the fish or creatures. They need to be dependent on their natural environment and what not. *shrug* But lucky you that you got to feed fishies out of your hand! How neat!

YogaNana said...

Ooh, I like that temple!

Sounds like a fun day, all right!

Team Hayes said...

That temple is where Jin and Sun got engaged... on LOST! :) It was supposed to be in Korea. They cheated and filmed that scene in Hawaii. ;) You're going to have to tell me how to get there.