Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching Up: Maddox's 3rd Birthday

Somewhere along the way, this little pile of love turned 3

I don't know how it happened! There's barely a trace of baby left in this boy but that doesn't stop me from scooping him up and cradling him every day. He's still my baby and I'm glad that, for now, he holds still and lets me cuddle him.

I love that when he's sad, he grabs his blanket and comes over to me and says with a frown "I need to cuddle" music to my ears. Yes, my darling!

I love his compassion for others. If his older brother is crying, he automatically starts up with his tears and says "my Calix is sad!". If I'm hurt, he cries because "I don't want you to be sad" (which totally breaks my heart).

I love how he's such a good eater and would rather have a slice of toast and some fruit over junk for breakfast (or a salad over chicken for lunch) ANY DAY.

I love how he hates to be photographed..but that will never stop me from taking pictures of him!

I love how he's so daring! He will hurl his body from couch to pillows on the floor..he will jump down the stairs or belly crawl the whole way down. (That kid needs to be in sports for sure)

I love how when he's been scolded, he shuts down..totally. (like drops his arms and whatever he was holding and slumps his shoulders..and is totally unresponsive to anything until he's done)

I love how he randomly looks at me and says "I love you, mommy" feels *so* sincere.

I love how when it's time to change his diaper (we're working on the potty training thing.), he'll back up as far as possible and take a running leap into my arms and giggle the whole time. (but be careful, because if you're not paying attention you can get smacked in the face with his head.)

I love how if I hold out my hand and say "put your tummy in my hand" he totally will EVERY TIME even though he knows it means he will be tickled. He loves it.

I love how he sticks up for himself (and his brother when needed). You cannot tell this kid to feel one way if he doesn't want to..that's for sure.

He's so fun and SUCH a tough little boy and while I'll always wish he were my chubby snugly baby, I'm enjoying watching him grow into a wonderful person. I'm cheering him on the whole way..and if he wants a cuddle with his mom no matter how big and strong and tough he gets..I'll always be available for one because he'll *always* be my chubby snugly baby..even if I'm the only one who sees it.

I love YOU, Maddox! Happy 3rd birthday, darling boy!

(for more pictures of the day..see Facebook)


Hannah said...

awww, I just cried a little.

YogaNana said...

Yeah, he's a sweetheart, jut like his mom.


Happy birthday have a wouldful birthday celebration.