Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He's..wait for it..not Lost anymore! hahahaha

Nerd alert. Listen, so I don't think I've ever actually gone up to a famous person of any sort and gotten a picture with them or anything. I've seen a few scattered here and there..but I've always left them alone. Who wants to be bothered *again*, ya know?

Last night was different.

Amy H. asked me if I wanted to go check out the Trump Tower condos for one of her sisters (whose name is Amanda and, say, I have a sister named Amanda! And she has sisters with the middle names Lynn, Beth, and Ann and I'm like..hey, too and one of them's me! hahaha) who will be spending a few months down here for work. I'd just gotten home from a cleaning at the dentist and we were already having a conversation over texts so it was like..sure, why not? I'll go.

So I took some pictures so they could be sent off to her sister..

oh, look! Hi, me!

And I asked the kind gent who was showing us around inappropriate questions. Ya if I ask the concierge to cuddle..will they? Does it cost more to throw a leg over them while cuddling? Ya know..that sort of thing. It tends to get a little too serious and stuffy in those places, ya know..SOMEONE'S gotta ease the tension. That's where I come in.

Afterwards, she treated me to dinner (nice!). We wandered around Waikiki for a little bit..trying to decide on a place..and as we were standing in front of Giovanni Pastrami looking at their menu, Amy says to me "it's that guy from Lost!" "what..?" but by this point, I couldn't see a face..only the back of his head as he walked past us. She shouted "hey you! Turn around!" of course he didn't (clue #1..because what normal person DOESN'T turn around when someone calls out towards you?) and so I say "wanna follow him? Let's follow him." and I pulled out my Blackberry to take some pictures

He's the one with his body hehehe

He sat down at the bar with his friend and we were like "okay..that was fun. Let's go eat" so we headed BACK to Giovanni's and after talking a bit we were like.."wait, what place did he go into? Let's go eat there!" before heading back to..PF Changs, turned out.

The wait was 15-30 but we were welcome to go sit at the bar (!!) if we would like. So we creeped up behind him and it was one of those things where you know he can see you out of his peripheral..but he's having a conversation with his friend person and I don't want to interrupt. So we're standing behind him and Amy says "you do it!" "I will..I will..hold on, they're talking..I don't want to be rude.." or something along those lines haha. I wait for, what seems to be, a break in conversation and I say "excuse me..I'm sorry. I don't mean to bother you, but can we get a picture with you, please?" and he says "of course!" and wraps his handsome arm around my shoulder:

and Amy's like "the flash isn't on" and I say "just leave it..I don't want the flash to hurt his eyes..he's just little!" (dude, I know. I KNOW. Embarrassing.) but then I fix it and turn the flash on anyway..and I say to him "thanks so much for doing this. I just started watching a few months ago..I'm a big fan" he thanks me and then his friend pipes up and says "you just started watching what exactly..?" and feeling like *maybe* we were wrong and *maybe* he's just a guy who looks EXACTLY like Mark Pellegrino I stumbled and said "uh, I don't know" like trying to brush it off and not wanting to be all "'re Jacob in LOST, aren't you?" I felt a little flustered and then Amy gets this picture:

..he looks like he thought it was kinda funny haha and I'm like "eek! am I taking a picture with a random person again?!"

And then it was my turn to get a picture of Amy with him:

way cute!

We said thanks and left him and his friend to their beers and we went back, again, to Giovanni Pastrami where we ordered yummy food and giggled over what just happened. It wouldn't have happened had it not been for her noticing him and my ballsy "let's follow him" attitude.

I had a blast with her..*and* I got to know her a little better. Fun night!


YogaNana said...

I like those three pictures that are so dark you can't see *anything* and yet -- you found him and circled him! How did you do that?

Very cool. I absolutely could NOT do that! And I don't mean the circles.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Oh Abby, I heart you!

chanty said...

LOL.....that was funny!