Friday, September 18, 2009


Ooo! I'm excited! Okay, so listen and don't make fun of me. I've been having trouble making friends here. Not that I've actually gone out and tried or anything. But when you don't go to church, school, or have a tends to be hard to meet people, ya know? Anyway. So I was browsing around on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago laughing at some of the posts up there (did you know they have a jokes section??) and because I was going through all of the categories, I got to the strictly platonic friends thing and started to read some of the ads (some were downright heartbreaking)..and then I saw this little ad for a Yahoo group called BFF Oahu (best female friends..oahu) and it was this army wife up at Schofield talking about the same thing I was going through and she had a group for people who were finding it hard to meet people and make friends here on the island. Oh, what can it hurt? I signed up. If people are weird..I can just drop the group. But these girls all seem to be nice so far..and there have been get togethers but they've all been scheduled for times I just can't make it..whether it's date night for us or Calix's upcoming birthday..I just can't make it.

So, I threw out the idea this morning for a Halloween party. Munchies, drinks, Halloween shows and movies..maybe a couple of activities for the youngsters..and then we could all head out trick-or-treating with the kids. That way the parents could have fun and meet and the kids would have stuff to do AND still go trick-or-treating in a group (because that tends to be safer anyway). So I'm assuming that's going to be held here at my house and I'm totally excited! I've been wanting to throw some kind of a Halloween party for a while..but didn't really want to wait til my kids were older (ya know..for the eyeballs in a bowl..brains..dead hand..bobbing for apples..ya know). So this is where you guys come in!

Does anyone have any ideas? I know mom used to hang a string from one end of the room to the other that had donuts on it and I think the goal was to see who could eat all of their donut first with their hands tied behind their backs. That was always silly. I wouldn't want to do bobbing for apples ON the day of Halloween because kids get their make up done and that's not a nice thing to do to parents the day of Halloween. That's more of a party before the actual day kind of thing to do, I think. I know I can put some Halloween shows and not as scary movies on my Netflix to have delivered for that day.. I can do the weird stuff in bowls that kids have to reach in and feel thing...but what else? What kinds of treats and munchies should I have around? Recipes? I love ideas!

And also? Orion won't be here for it..unless they let him come home for Halloween..but I doubt it. We're just planning on him not being I'm on my own for this.

But yay! Excited!


YogaNana said...

That sounds like fun! Let me think about it ...

Sarah said...

I want to do a Halloween party! I'm jealous! Good for you though, putting it together so you can get to know some people!

I'll think about ideas too!

Jenna Consolo said...

I'll think too, but I've done Halloween crafts/treats with the kids and have posted pics on my blog, if you go back and look. Oh, and for Dylan's B-day this year we had the 'scary' theme...I even still have a frozen 'bloody' hand in my freezer! That post would be early January. See if you like any of those ideas, and I'll keep thinking.

I'm proud of you! Way to reach out and extend yourself, Abs. I'm sure it will be great fun!