Monday, September 21, 2009


We had an Air Force kind of a weekend around here. It started out on Friday. I was sitting on the couch with the laptop watching episodes of Lost (I love you, Netflix) and Orion was on this computer playing..I don't know..a WWII submarine game or something while the babies were napping and I heard some jets fly by. It happens daily around here..not a big deal if a couple of jets whiz by. But it kept happening. Jet after jet..and some were flying so low that it was shaking our house. After a while, I was all..'just what is going on??' and I went outside to see jets flying in diamond formations and doing all kinds of tricks. I grabbed my camera. Neighbors were coming out and watching the show..some were also taking pictures. A few would fly super low and buzz us with their afterburner it was *loud*! I was excited! I cheered and giggled and covered my ears when it was too loud. I had a headache after all of that.
So Orion says "haven't you ever been to an airshow, babe?" I told him that I hadn't..but he saw how excited I was and we went inside to see what was going on. Thunderbirds. The USAF Thunderbirds were in town and they were practicing for the next day's show above our little housing community! Orion was then convinced that he had to take me to the show because if I got that excited in our backyard he couldn't wait to see me all giddy at the real thing. Aww, the man loves to see me happy..what a dollface!
We somehow got the timing wrong..we thought the show started at 3:30 so we left here around 2:30 to give us plenty of time to get there and parked and seated before the show started. Wrong. The drive to Hickam AFB (Air Force Base) was a breeze..until we got to the gate. lines like you wouldn't believe! But I was still so amped up that I was dancing in my seat and getting good chuckles out of the guys on duty. That sort of thing makes me happy. We parked and the Thunderbirds were already flying overhead. Aww, man! So we stood in the parking lot with everyone else who got there late and watched the show from there. Still an awesome show! We made the 1/2 mile trek from the parking lot into the venue with just enough time to look at a couple of planes on display before the show was over and people were crowding their way out. Basically, we walked that half mile just to turn around and do it again. I'd also already worked out that morning, a little bonus.
Okay..not a big deal..they're doing another show on Sunday. We'll go earlier and make a day of it! So we left right after naps for the babies. If they were tired enough they would sleep in the stroller (which Maddox did). I think that at least half..if not more..of the people on the island decided to go on Sunday. It was a hike and a half into the venue and then tons and tons of walking around looking at planes and what not before the show started at 3. I had a great time except for my stupid plantar fasciitis tryin to keep me down and my armpits kept squirting from the vicious heat and my pants kept trying to fall down..and while in the front of the huge crowd, Maddox had rancid diarrhea and was very upset about it. Very. And smelly. But overall..I had an awesome time and would also love to make out with the pilots. I said it. I've been saying it all weekend. I have an absolute crush on those guys and I swear when I saw one of them walking around looking at the displays with his family, I wanted to go hug him..or get my picture taken with him..or maybe even just stalk him for a little while haha..Orion told me no. I can't see why. I told you..I have a crush! On *all* of them. And then I developed a crush on Orion because he can fly planes, too and heheheheheheheheheh oh, giddy! Even though he can't do those special tricks, oh..I love him. Love!
Sorry, my immaturity took over just then. Not all of them because that's just too many. I'll put them all on Facebook, though..if anyone cares that much.

This one was taken from our backyard. I love that if you zoom in on a lot of these you can see their little pilot heads..aww!

Day the parking lot

They're so skilled! That totally looks like it could have ended badly..but no! No! Hot.

Show off. Hehehe

Oh, I love you guys, too!

Day two..I took a walk through a re-fueling plane thing

The boys finally got to climb into a fire truck!

Dear Thunderbirds,
I love you. A lot. Thank you for being as sexy in the air (and on the ground) as you are.
Love, Abby


YogaNana said...

So ... you liked it? :o)

I've seen the Thunderbirds, too, long time ago. Probably different ones. But yeah, they were impressive!

Jenna Consolo said...

I saw them in Vegas, and once somewhere else too, but can't remember. They are VERY cool. Hot. But scary. Like, I think I would have great anxiety if that was my boy up there. But I would be proud too. Cool that you got to go.