Thursday, September 17, 2009


Okay, so I finally gave in and went to the doctor for what I've assumed to be plantar fasciitis (which totally sounds gross and like I don't take care of my feet or whatever but that's not what it is at all, I promise. I was just standing up in the kitchen cooking and baking and shifting my weight in weird ways for balance. Or something.). Now, here in Hawaii, to go ANYWHERE in the hospital, you must first go see your primary care doctor. This gets annoying and embarrassing sometimes because you're just like..dude, I just need a pap smear..I know where I need to be and you're not the person. In Kentucky, I could just call the gyn clinic and make an appointment there but not here! Oh no! Such nosey bodies! Anyway. So I had to go see my primary care man for a referral to a podiatrist. He confirmed that oh yeah, it's plantar fasciitis for sure and wrote me up a prescription for an anti-inflammatory so that I can hopefully continue to use the treadmill without suffering the rest of the day..and then he sent me down to x-rays.

Yo, I don't know what's going on with the ladies down there..but they are *silly*! The two receptionists had me laughing up a storm! Then the x-ray technician woman was batty as all get out..loved her! She was rambling on and on about knowing someone on Maui with the last name Delgado and was all "maybe she's your mother!" and I said "no...not my mother.." and I giggled because this was awesome and she insisted "yes, perhaps she's your mother!" "probably not.." and I'm still totally delighted in what's going on. Oh, I love when I go out alone..I have the greatest encounters with people!

X-rays. Yes. So because it's my foot, she had me climb up onto this table and pose all sorts of strange ways. I wished someone had been there to get a picture of it! I was cracking up like the entire time. Head back..just totally letting it all go. My life is hysterical sometimes..loves it! When I hopped down (and I think I flashed one of the new trainee guys because I was wearing a skirt and this is just my luck) off the table and they were looking at my scans I remembered I had my phone with I took a picture:

That's right. My foot was propped up on a box. Model! Finally! My dream come true! Ahhh hahahaha. Oh, man.

On my way out of the hospital, I was standing at a red light..ya know..on my way to the car park and one of my crazies from the radiology clinic was standing next to me and she was all "you again! Oh my after you left, a woman in a wheelchair came in and I asked her if I could spin her around a few times" again, my laughter started back up..these women are just too much! I love it! My kind of crowd! But she walked with me to my car and we laughed the whole way. Oh, man. Ohhhhh, mannn. I'm tellin ya, I cannot make this stuff up.

So I came home and am totally giggly from my day's events and convince Orion that hey, we should just all go out to dinner. I need a burger. Immediately. So we chose Ruby Tuesday because it's just down the road. The kids picked whatever they wanted..Calix even ordered his on his own, the little darling. "Um, I will haveee...a grilled cheese and chocolate milk, please" and Maddox says "Mac n' cheese! Chocolate milk! Yes!" okay, cool. So, as usual..they only eat their fries and drink their milk. Okay, that's fine you guys..but daddy paid for your meals that you specifically requested so you're eating whatever you chose for lunch tomorrow. Not big on being food wasters. Our waitress packed up our leftovers..including desserts all around and we're talking about heading on home. Calix? You guys..he NEVER does this. Calix started screaming and crying about wanting to stay to eat his dessert. So I leaned over and said "Calix, if you would like to try finishing your dinner when we get home, you can do that and then get dessert" he wiped his tears and said okay..and we left. We're loading the boys uo into the van and Calix decides to grow a pair. He screams "IF I DON'T GET MY ICE CREAM I'M GOING TO BE SO MAD!" whoah, child. Whoah. Where'd that come from? Like..seriously. Never before have I heard him speak that way. Never. Now, Calix feels like he's entitled to many things in life.. but never before has he shouted threats. Orion and I glanced at one another and then I looked at Calix and said "frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. The rule in our family is you eat your dinner. Whether we are home or out, if you eat your dinner you get dessert. That is how it is and I'm sorry if that makes you feel mad. Now, on your birthday, if you don't want your dinner and you just want dessert..that is fine because it's your birthday, okay?" "okay." "when we get home, you may finish your dinner and IF you do, you may have your ice cream..but if you do not, you will eat your sandwich for lunch tomorrow. And if you finish it for lunch then you may have your ice cream, okay?" "okay".

So we get home and he attempts to finish his dinner. After about 20 minutes, he brought his tray to the trash and said "I think it's all gone..yep, it's all gone. I can have ice cream now!" so Orion..being keen on Calix's sly tricks, looks at the tray and his entire sandwich is still there. Calix spent the next 20 minutes or so in the corner for lying while Maddox cleaned up all of the toys and then went to bed. When his time was up, I scooted him upstairs, changed him, brushed his teeth and we talked about lying and why we shouldn't do it. I gave him kisses and hopes for a better day tomorrow.

Think what you will about how I handled that..that's fine. I never claimed to be a perfect mother. I never raised my voice in all of those discussions, either. I don't know if this is just him being 3-4..or what. I'm pretty sure it's an age thing. I hope it's an age thing. This is new territory for me, though..the talking back..lying..kind of stuff. It makes my heart so sad. I know a large portion of his behavior yesterday was from not napping because of all of the jackhammering going on right outside his bedroom window..but all of that behavior cannot be blamed on lack of sleep.

Anyway, I was honest here..and I'm okay with that.


Jenna Consolo said...

Abby, you're so cute. You handled things just fine (except for the cursing part :) ) It's totally an age thing. Just testing boundaries, trying things on for size. You kept your cool and in the end he learned that you can be trusted. You will do what you say, and the rules stay the same. That is very important for developing security in a child's mind, whether it makes them happy at the moment or not. Great job. All kids go through a lying phase. It gets a little worse around age 6-8, just be warned. And don't take it personally.


p.s.--Love the kids' photos down below. Hey, make the pics as much face as possible since they will end up being small playing card tile sort of things.

Hannah said...

You did good Abby. And I agree with Jenna. Most kids start testing their boundaries around age 2 so be glad that you got an extra year! Just make sure that you stay consistent with rules and punishments. You're a good mama

Sarah said...

I think you did great! Especially if you kept your cool too!

My oldest child has a problem with lying. I am not sure where it comes from but it drives me crazy. Especially since she is 10! I'm really super worried about her teenage years. :(

I appreciate your honesty in this post! I loved reading the entire thing!