Monday, July 20, 2009

Moanalua Gardens and the rest of the weekend

So, we saw Up on Saturday because we got to the theater like 15 minutes too late for Ice Age 3..but that's cool..I wanted to see Up more than that one anyway. It's just that Ice Age had dinosaurs and the boys love ya know. But, it was totally adorable and I cried. It was the kind of movie that I was so sad Orion and I were sitting so far apart from one another for. We reached over from time to time to hold hands..but that didn't last long because every time we did, the chair Maddox was sitting on would fold in on itself and he would go "whoaahhhh whoooaaahhh!!" and we would have to disconnect. By the flippin cute was that short film in the beginning with the clouds?? Oh my gosh! Precious!

Maddox enjoying some popcorn.

Sunday morning, Orion was outside cleaning his motorcycle and I was inside making my meal plan and shopping list for the new Supermarket Diet we're trying out (and don't you worry..I'll be adding recipes from that one down the road) and when I looked out, he was sitting on the bike with Calix and Maddox showing them how it works:

Those darlings!

Sunday afternoon, we took Orion and Calix to get their hair cut. Still not Maddox because listen..I LIKE Maddox's little blonde hairs on the slightly shaggy side. It's flippin adorable and I will keep it that way until it gets out of control. He's my baby, leave me alone.

Calix lined up next to a bunch of military guys getting his first haircut from a barber..awww..he was sooo scared! Sorry about the crappy quality of these first few pictures..Orion's cellphone.

After his haircut..since we really didn't have anywhere to be and I had some quarters in the diaper bag..sure, kids..go for a ride.

I didn't really want to go home and neither did Orion..but it was he who spoke first "feel like going on an adventure?" "sure..where to?" "I don't know..let's go home and grab the camera"

So we did.

This kid looks so much like his dad did when he was a kid it's ridiculous

lucky to be the younger brother and get special rewards that he didn't really earn (the barber gave Calix 2 lollipops and he gave one to Maddox. Aww)

First, Orion drove up to one of the highest peaks around that we hadn't been to check out the view.

And let me say, when I got out of the car I said "if I start rolling down the hill..please come after me" because it was *that* steep! Not even joking..the seatbelt was like the only thing keeping me from being one of those Garfield suction cup guys.

It's a gorgeous view though..for sure

I wasn't ready to go home yet. That just wasn't enough! So I suggested we finally go to Moanalua Gardens which is the next exit between where we live and where Orion works. Let's go get sandwiches and have a picnic type thing for dinner there under the Hitachi tree!

Isn't that bench awesome?!

looking up from our bench

I just love the way the branches are all twisty and the leaves so green against the sky. Ugh, gorgeous!

The famous Hitachi tree that people come from all over to see

I was sad that I was wearing the wrong footwear because ya know..these trees just scream "climb me!!"

Ants freak me out..did you know? Not because they're scary..because they're not. But because of the crazy underground tunnels they make. I just can't get my mind around that sort of thing..stuff like that totally amazes me! And freaks me out.

She's alllll legs, baby. Hahaha

Oh, Orion..bless your heart. He tried..

and tried (like how Calix is trying to help him? hahaha!)...

and tried from another angle..

and kept on trying..

from other angles..

to climb this branch..but it just wasn't happening. Bless his heart! (but shoot, I couldn't do it, either!)

I think this face says "mom, how are you letting this happen right now?!" bahhh hahahahaha

awww poor little scared!

Maddox feels secure now..

then he got worried. I was like "Maddox..Maddox! Maaadddooxxxx..say cheese!" and he stopped his whining to quickly say "cheese!" which I thought was the funniest thing ever

oh my goodness! What a darling moment! One for the frames, ya'll!

Calix was still mad about the putting him up on the tree thing. I think I'll be paying for therapy down the road. Sorry bout that, buddy. But it *was* kinda funny. A lot.

the nerdy love and Orion's weird tan lines follow us everywhere

Oh, I love these two SO MUCH! So much!!!!

Come KNOW you want to climb it! Or build a really awesome treehouse in it!

Another tree! Because the other one was covered in ants!

I think it's cute when little boys run to trees like that. Like The Giving Tree. You guys know!

Ya doesn't look it..but I *am* losing a bunch of weight still

Oh yes I am! I'll be at one of my initial goals in just a few short weeks!

Okay, *now* I'm ready to go home.
I love lovely Sundays with the fam. Or any day with the fam, really.


Jenna Consolo said...

What a beautiful place! That tree is unbelievable! Thank you for sharing all this beauty with me in your pictures, Abs! What a life you lead!

YogaNana said...

Oh, I want that tree!!!!!!

And I love the long shadow picture!

Hannah said...

You guys are so precious!

Mindy said...

I gasped when I saw the first pictures of that tree! Then the others! Those are amazing!!!

You say we can't see it? I totally see it... you are shrinking and are beautiful! Look at you!

I would love to be able to climb one of those trees. Wow.