Saturday, July 18, 2009


Oh. My. Gosh.

yep..this about sums up what having boys is like. Just when you think there's down's more like up and down time. Flying kids, man..that's what I have.

So last night I wanted to make a cake. A bundt cake. But just about all of them called for boxed cake mixes..and I don't love that. So as I was browsing random food blogs that I have bookmarked, I saw this recipe for a a coffee mug! Made in the microwave! And I said to myself...yeah, I have 10 minutes to make, bake, and frost these suckers...let's do it.

So I doubled the recipe and filled two of my big big coffee mugs up with batter..stuck them in the microwave for like 3 minutes and while they were cooling a bit I whipped up some of the glaze/frosting from the same site and slapped it on the still warm cakes..dropped some chopped milk chocolate chips on top (and because the cakes were still warm, they melted and added to the ooey gooey) and had everything done by the time Orion came downstairs from putting the boys in bed. He was like "you seriously just made 2 cakes? How did you do that so fast?!" and besides being a ninja..I explained they were made in the microwave. And while you can sort of tell they're made in the was still a quick chocolate fix and for that, I'm grateful.

Want the recipe? Go here

I need a shower badly..and then after naps, we're taking the boys to the movies. Ice Age 3 or something. Something about dinosaurs. Anyway..have a holly jolly!

Also.. Hey, happy belated 82nd birthday, Grams Baker! Love you! (it was yesterday but I didn't blog there's that)


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

pretty rad mini cakes! I've never heard of making cakes in a coffee cup & microwave! wow the ideas these days! glad you got your choco fix!

YogaNana said...

Do I see a circus act in the future? The Flying Delgado Brothers?

The cakes, of course, look mega yummy.

Mindy said...

Boys... what fun at that age! I miss my little whirling dervish from back then!

And when I get back from living in my camper with no internet, I am seriously going to make this little cake. Oh My! I've made it through one week... only two more weeks to go!

Jenna Consolo said...

I LOVE that you said, 'just when you think you've got some down time, it's more like up and down time'...that was awesome! And SO true! The 4 boys in this house definitely keep us all hopping!

LOVE the cake idea! Like homemade Warm Delights!

Saint Holiday said...

Maybe the kids need some of those desserts you're famous for, you know, something to give them some energy. Poor children! They look so sluggish and droopy. Try a little sugar. It always worked for you. I love you.