Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yesterday was full. After doing the whole Target thing, the boys and I thought it would be a nice surprise to bring daddy lunch at work and have a little picnic of sorts. So we pulled up and met him at one of the picnic benches outside of his office..he had some sushi..the kids had pizza and I had a sandwich. That was a nice treat..and now that I actually have my car all the time..we'll have to meet up for lunch more often.

And because we went to him for lunch and he didn't have to ride all the way home and rush food down his throat before riding back to work, he had an extra hour to do whatever! So he came with us down to the thrift store on Shafter to see if they had any treasures waiting for me to find them and take them home. My favorite find there was this little darling:

Ya'll know how I feel about lanterns, don't you? Ohhhh, I adore them. My heart aches whenever I see them in stores. I wish I had all the money in the world so I could gather them up and take them all home with me. Ugh, I love them. LOVE THEM!

I was pretty worried about taking Calix out while potty training..but I made it a point to ask him multiple times if he had to go potty and he kept saying he didn't..until we were about a block or two away from the house. Then he said "uh, mommy..I want to use the potty" "okay, baby..I'm trying. Can you wait until we get home??" "yep!" and he even waited until I put his new seat on the big toilet because he didn't want to use the little potty anymore. Yay for staying dry! (he stayed dry all night last night, too..ugh, so proud!)

After naps and after Orion got home from work, we went out to dinner where I totally surprised myself and only ate like 7 or 8 of the fries. Ughhhh I love friieeessss..but they're so bad for me :(

And then we hit up another thrift store in the heart of downtown Honolulu and while walking in..Calix's small hand nestled within my own, old men were sitting on benches swearing up a storm. (Orion recollected the event when we got back into the car later on. He said "I saw you look at them as soon as they cursed. Your Versace's were like a radar and you locked on to them like 'what are you doing talking like that with little children around??'" hahaha..oh, that's silly!)

While inside, I found these lovelies among other treasures:

This last one came with a pair of matching clip on earrings..which are totally rad. Ugh, aren't they so pretty?? Yay for vintage brooches!
We got home a bit after 8:30 and after settling the little men in bed, the husband and I agreed that these are our favorite kinds of days. They're full of family interaction and pass quickly. We then talked about the road trips we can't wait to take with our small family once we get back on the mainland. I miss road trips!
Okay, I have a serious mountain of clean laundry to take care of. Oh golly!


YogaNana said...

I don't exactly have a lantern fetish, but that one is *exactly( my favorite color of blue!

Jenna Consolo said...

The lantern is so pretty! What a lucky find for you!

Sounds like the perfect kind of day, full of contentment and simple pleasures.

And yay for Calix!

Micah said...

When do we get to come to Hawaii?

Abby said...

Whenever you want!