Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is how handsome my husband is..he seriously offered to pay the $300 a month or whatever for me to join Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers, or Nutrisystem or anything else out there that would help me drop the 49 pounds till I'm at my fighting weight. But after research and consideration..dude, no. Absolutely not. I do *not* want to be on a diet for the rest of my life. I refuse to live in that kind of hell. I do not feel good about paying to eat gross packaged food or pay for someone to let me know what my allotted points for the day are when I already count calories for free. Thanks, but no thanks.

So I did some more research. I've decided on the Supermarket Diet..which isn't really a diet. I didn't like the other big name weight loss deals with me eating packaged food and then also making dinner for my family..it's like..no. Absolutely not. They cannot take my love of cooking away from me! The other way is too much hassle and also not fun. I've been pretty good about sticking to my 1,000-1,200 calories a day..and I've dropped a few more pounds with that but I guess I like being told what I can eat and recipes I can make that will stay within my daily calorie intake without having to do tons of searching online for recipes that list calorie amounts that will also stay within my daily budget. So instead.. a cookbook filled with menus for someone like me and it's REAL food. Real ingredients..not processed stuff that's been sitting in packages for golly knows how long. I wanted something that my entire family could eat..and we could still sit down at the table together and not have me be the odd one out. I WANT to cook for my family. I WANT to be able to have a few beers or a glass of wine if I want without breaking all kinds of rules. I WANT to be able to, say, eat a brownie if I feel the need. I want to listen to my body's wants and needs while also eating correctly. Does this make sense? I refuse to deprive myself. There.

Anyway, so I'm picking up that cookbook in the morning and then I'll write down my shopping list accordingly (I'd normally do that one today and then go shopping in the morning..but, tomorrow is payday and so I need to wait til then to even buy the book). I'm pretty excited about it. So I'll try it out and see how I really like it. Why not?

I'm also amped about thrifting tomorrow..or maybe all week. Not sure..not sure.. depends on what I find. I have hopes of finding awesome vintage brooches (Orion calls me an old lady haha..I don't care! I love brooches!) among other things on my list! I also have a ton of stuff to donate. Again. So.

I know no one wants to hear about potty training..but you know what? Like it or leave it, this is my blog..I am a mother..and I write about what goes on in my life. I may not write all awesomely..but I put it out there. I like having notes down about what goes on around here. You'd be amazed at how many times I read old entries here and on my LiveJournal and DeadJournal and I'm like "oh yeah! I forgot about that!" and then sometimes the stuff I read makes me feel dirty..like I can't believe that's how I used to act. It's my history all the same (at least it'd make a great book someday) and I like having it to refer back to. So with that said..potty training is going great. He's in underpants and totally out of Pull-Ups and has only had a couple of accidents (he's learning very quickly that underpants are nothing like diapers or Pull-Ups. When you have an accident..everyone knows.)..his potty chart is filling up with stickers and M&M's are disappearing quickly! I'm amazed with that boy EVERY single day! I cannot believe he's doing so wonderfully! Yay, Calix! I love you!

Maddox has a new thing where he fake cries. You can tell the difference between his real cries and his fake ones..but it's still pretty weird. Scared the heck out of me the first time he did it. But, he and Calix play and act stuff out and even sound like they have a script they're reading from..and I guess sometimes it involves Maddox crying. I don't know. They're pretty silly though and I can't help but crack up when I hear what they're saying. Smart kids, man..smart kids.

I played around in the kitchen again today. I can't help it! I was going to make the Chocolate Mint Brownies from My Kitchen Cafe but then I opened my cupboards and saw the big bag of caramels sitting there and so plans changed.

Brownie on bottom, caramel layer, coconut layer, and a chocolate glaze on top. Oh, no..ohhhh no, guys. They're so insanely delicious it's awful! I don't think I'd put as much of a chocolate glaze on them next time..maybe just a drizzle..(it's good..but just a little too rich for me) but still..still! Such an awesome treat..ugh. Yum!

Okay, it's Monday night tele time!

Also! Happy birthday, Lyndsay! I cannot believe the little one who made me an aunt in the first place just turned 15! What the heck?! Oh, I love you, dollface!


Saint Holiday said...

Hey, Abidoo! tell Orion I'd be happy to go on a diet for $300.00 a month. What a deal! He can make the checks out to "Raelene Van Sciver." (I never get to touch money in our house). I'll start today if he'd like, since I don't have anything in the house to eat anyway.

I love you.

Dadly Do-Write

Hannah said...

I'm laughing about the boys acting things out that involve Maddox crying. That's such a funny image.

And oh man. That brownie looks bad. No, I mean it looks like it would do bad things to me, but oh so good. Must stay away.

Sarah said...

I agree on the diet deal, Abby. And good for you not taking that route! I would much rather be aloud to eat what I want and keep up with my running, than to count points and feel guilty if I went over on them. I don't need to pay money to feel guilt when I eat too much. Believe you me!

Way to go on the potty training! I don't think that I ever thought to do any charts w/my kids. That's a great idea!

I have a couple kids who have very realistic fake cries, also used in playing. But I've come running before thinking that they are hurt...just to find them laugh at me for thinking they were actually crying. Silly kids! I do love listening to my kids play though. They are quite funny.

Jenna Consolo said...

Those brownies are calling my name. Every good thing in one place: chocolate, caramel, and coconut? Please, woman, you kill me!

Good idea on passing on the diet program. I hate being restricted on what I can eat too. I do try to make overall good choices for my health, but I've found the key for me is that the more I move, the more I don't have to worry about what I'm eating every second. I've put on a few pounds and I know it's simply because I need to get back into regular exercise, as opposed to hit-and-miss exercise.

Congrats on the potty training success. I can't wait till Conor is all the way ready. He toys with me sometimes, taunts me, and then. . . nope, not ready.

Thanks for remembering Lyns! I didn't even get to talk to her yesterday, as she's camping with her dad and has no cell phone reception. But I called and sang to her voice mail anyway, and then I cried telling her how much I love her and how much being her mom has meant to me. She's awesome. 15. Holy cow. Six months and she's driving. One year and she can date. Take me now!

This is getting long. Sorry!


YogaNana said...

I agree on Jenny Craig and NutriSystem, but you know it was Weight Watchers that helped me take off 80 pounds that one year and keep it off for about five years til I got to Arizona, where there was neither time nor money for joining a new group and it was too freaking hot to breathe, let alone walk.

Yeah, all the walking (stress management!) helped, but it was WW that got me doing that in the first place. There are points, yes, but they teach you how to recognize them in your regular food, even what you buy in the grocery store, so you're just learning to make good choices. Their packaged stuff gets boring and is not necessary. You can have whatever you want, just sort of ... balanced. I was NEVER hungry when I was On Plan.

I really really like them and I think they're nutritionally sound as well as satisfying, I just don't like going to meetings these days and I'm not disciplined enough to do the online classes. Which they do offer.

And that's my speech about that.

And that brownie looks magnificent!

And hooray for Calix!