Friday, June 05, 2009

Strong Bonds Day 1

I'm going to need to split these pictures up by day because there are just THAT many. I'm sure if I'd gotten a decent amount of sleep within the last 3 days I'd be up to throw them all up here right now..but ya know, I didn't. I didn't and I'm that kind of exhausted one is after vacation with children who like to go to bed at 10 (usually 7:30-8pm) and wake up at 5:30 (usually 6:30-7am) because they're wired from the daycare giving giving giving just to keep them quiet. But, there was loads of quality time and even though some of the classes bothered me (by way of basically saying the woman's needs don't really matter and ONE TIME, I kid you NOT! I kid you not that one of the chaplains seriously said making love is for men's gratification! Then I spoke up and said in front of everyone, "well, I know *I* appreciate it!" to which many of the women in the room said "I hear that!" and laughter erupted because DUDE, what year is it?? Do you really feel that way? Your poor wife. That poor poor thing.), there were also a few good things to be taken away from this retreat. Classes were only 3 hours long (with breaks) and we sat in the back mostly chatting it up with other couples (which was totally nice).

ANYWAY, so before the first day's class started..and after we dropped the babies off at daycare, we had an hour or so to wander around. So we did.

pretty flowers

I was going to seriously do an entire post with just pictures of statues because I took that many pictures of them.

Hawaii..the only place you can wear a mumu anywhere and no one even bats an eye. It's more than socially acceptable.

These were hanging from rooftops everywhere. I was walking around all like "oooo..flowerssssss" cause I'm entertained easily.

This woman's cart had some of the most gorgeous jewelry. I wanted more than half of it.

But? It was insanely overpriced. Like see that big fat chunky longer than the others in its section turquoise necklace? I wanted it. It went perfectly with what I was wearing..but it was $88. I didn't think Orion would really want to pay $88 for it..but I told him to take notes anyway. Ya know.

dude, there were live animals all over the place. Look, flamingos!

Hello, darling. (off topic, but today? One of the chaplains asked me how I was and I said "I'm just dandy!" and he laughed. He laughed at me and I was all "well golly, it's the way I talk" and then he laughed more..but ya know what? If I want to speak like a jolly woman from the 50's...I dang well will. Your laughter will not deter me!)

We tried to get a picture of Calix with this statue a few times..but he would SCREAM and be all "NONONONO!!!!!" like we were going to FEED him to it. I guess it does look a little scary haha.

waterfalls everywhere!

hello, unaffordable (for me) lover.

Our room. Tapa tower..20th 52. If ever you come to Honolulu and want a fabulous view..not just of the beach..ask for this room. Or maybe another on this side of the hotel between floors 18 and maybe 26. Just because you don't want to TOWER over everything..but be able to appreciate it. But I mean, different strokes.

Still chubby..but I think you can tell I'm shrinking a bit, right?

How to call an elevator when you're 2 & 3.
Step 1 - Dad shows you which button to push

Step 2 - push the button

Step 3 - show up too late when you're the 2 year old. Get promised the next pushable button.

Tapa cafe for dinner

these two pictures are brought to you by Orion as I was on the hunt for food for the babies. Buffet. Oh, how I hate buffets..but this one wasn't bad. Pretty tasty.

After dinner we took the babies on a walk to go find the penguins. Dude, I know..penguins in the hotel. AWESOME!

checking out the penguins and fish and turtles

an after dinner stroll on the beach with the babies (check out that girl taking a picture of herself on Waikiki beach during sunset. Teehee)

Teehee we do it too. No shame.

Can you just feel the cool sand between your toes? Oh, I can.

And these last few pictures are why I suggested the room we were in.

Take it in

take it all in

oh, the life

freaking gorgeous! And know I didn't do any fancy tricks. I just held the camera out and snapped pictures at varying times. No flash (which is why some of them are a tad blurry..sorry).
Amazing, right? Ugh.
Tomorrow: Day two..AKA DATE DAY! AHHH!!!


Jenna Consolo said...

That place is so beautiful! All of it! The daytime, the nighttime, the inside, the outside! Wow!

Can't wait for part 2!

Hannah said...

Oh my gorgeousness! So pretty!!!

Glad to hear it was a good time.

And why does Calix all of the sudden look so big? It's making me a little bit sad. Why do our babies insist on growing?

YogaNana said...

I could tell you were shrinking before you asked.

Everything looks beautiful and -- penguins in the hotel? Adorable!

Oh, and that's my girl for setting the chaplain straight! :o)

Mindy said...

Beautiful everything, including you!

I think I sat through this post with my mouth open. I took it in just as directed! Penguins? And chaplains that think women are there to serve? HAH! Isn't that a two-way street?