Saturday, June 06, 2009

Day Two..Date Day and Night!

Day two started out with the babies starting their talking at 5:32 and after trying to coax them back to sleep didn't work, I slipped out of bed and made my way out onto the balcony to try to get a picture of the sunrise. I was a little too late..and also not in the best spot to catch it.

Still pretty though, shoot.

I think that's called the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. Orion and I went there later that day.

Same shot..after breakfast. The sun's up..everyone's out and about..

I love that chandelier! Tapa ballroom..where our classes were held. Something else the very same chaplain said "The way a woman spells love is L-O-V-E. The way a man spells love is R-E-S-P-E-C-T" and you know me..I called him out again. "That's ridiculous! I deserve respect, too! So I'm supposed to just bend and respect him and he doesn't have to respect me? What kind of crap is this?!?!" and once again..the women around me echoed my feelings. This chaplain was ridiculously sexist..and the other chaplain would choose the wrong words for inflection. It would be like he was talking normally and then all of a sudden shout out a word or two and it was like 'whoah..whoah..I'm awake!' haha. Honestly though, those are my only complaints about the classes. I'll share some of the neat stuff from our work books (yeah, I know) in the following days so you can play along too if you'd like.

After class, we went to Tapa Cafe for lunch (we ate there most of the time) and then Orion headed home to pick up more diapers and the boys' blankets because they were going to be in daycare until 10pm (!!!!!). While he was gone, I napped for a bit and then soaked in some sun on the balcony while sipping a whiskey and coke (I sip on drinks throughout the day while we're on a vacation of sorts. It's just what I do..don't judge me. I don't get plastered..I enjoy myself.) Anyway, after Orion returned, we put our suits on and headed down towards the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon. I left my camera upstairs as we planned to be in the water the whole time and didn't need an unnecessary risk..but I had my cellphone on me and took a single picture. Consider this the start of our date day.

We rented out a peddle boat for half an hour..and I think ours was broken or something. It just would not steer correctly (and I know the lever is to turn right you move the lever to the left. That was not the problem) I was sitting there with my head back and cracking up while these little kids were zooming past us with no problems and we're just going in circles. I thought it was hilarious. After returning the boat, we swam together for an hour. The hook on the back of my swimsuit snapped off (so embarrassing). We floated while holding hands. I wrapped my legs around him. We bobbed and talked. We kissed. Ah. No children talking about how they wanted to go play in the sand. Just us. We haven't gone swimming alone together literally since I was very pregnant with Calix. I missed it and it was very much appreciated.
After swimming, we laid on the beach to dry off before heading back to our room to shower. When we got out, I announced I was going to leave just my towel on and go sit on the balcony for a bit. It was kind of like being naked..but no one on the balconies around can tell. My darling agreed and played along.

Shortly after, we went in to roll around in the sheets. What? You can't have an entire date day with no babies around and NOT go for a romp. I'm just honest about it.

We put ourselves back together and headed out to dinner as we had a 6pm reservation for Bali by the Sea.

Our view from our table. It was panoramic and gorgeous. This picture doesn't do it justice.
Our waitress announced we were to have a 5 course meal and listed off what was planned for us (there were a couple of courses that we had a choice between..but otherwise, it was pretty much just picked for us). Course one was a basket of 3 different breads..all delicious and carby.

Course two was Sugar Cane Crusted Scallops. Ponzu Beurre Blanc, and a warm Arame salad. I'm not a seafood person. I'm not an adventurous in the food department person. But you know, I figured..since we were in this swanky restaurant and these chefs know what they're doing the majority of the time..I will play along. I'm so glad I did (and glad I wasn't like some of the other couples around us who turned their noses up at it declaring they won't eat it..gross..get it away from them. Really? It's an experience, you guys!).

Orion gives it a thumbs up.
Course three for me was Island Greens with Farm Fresh Tomatoes..Japanese Cucumbers and Bali Champagne Dressing. Spicy and delicious. Orion chose the soup..Kahuku sweet corn and Maui onion soup finished with a touch of coconut milk (can you tell I'm copying the menu? You didn't really think I knew all of this, did you?). I sampled it and my goodness, it was super delicious!

Course four was Grilled Black Angus Filet Mignon with Potato Puree, Caramelized Maui Onions, Baby Island Vegetables with Bordelaise Sauce. It was out of this world crazy delicious. When asked how the food was so far I simply responded with "gorgeous"..and man oh man it was. In taste and in sight.

Course five was the Koa Box..Chocolate Kahlua Mousse, Feuillantine with Hazelnut..and the rest was not listed on the online menu as it was brought out to us. That's a pure chocolate rod..and I know the red sauce is raspberry..I never got around to tasting the green sauce because I was stuffed. I could not finish dessert and I'm still bummed about it was THAT good.

After dinner, we strolled as lovers down to a bar nestled on the beach where I asked the tender to surprise me. Make me anything. It was blue..and it was tropical and he told me I can't come to Hawaii and not drink one of them..but then I told him I've lived here for a year. But it was delicious and gave me brain freeze more than 3 times. Orion had..I don't know..another specialty.
Afterwards, we slipped our sandals off and walked hand in hand onto the beach..the waves crashing at our feet.

I love this man..we have so much fun together!

our shadows holding hands in the water. Awww we're so nerdy.

We made our way down the beach and onto the pier

Where we kissed and took nerdy pictures

As we were walking back to the hotel..there was another older couple walking down the pier. I suggested they dance when they get to the end..gotta keep the romance alive, ya know? Orion laughed because he thinks I'm cute and wouldn't you know it? By the time they reached the point with the lights and we were at the other end, I turned around to see them slow dancing. Honestly. I love it!


And down at Tapa Bar there was a live band doing Hawaiian spins on Eric Clapton greats and other randoms..but I was dancing and into it. But, it was late..and the babies needed to be picked up. Maddox was asleep in a playpen and when we brought him out into the hallway and he heard the music, he sat up and started wiggling in my arms and said "dancing, mommy..I dancing!" because he's awesome and knows how to melt his mother's heart just when she feels like she can't hold anymore amazing love. Sigh. I really have a great life. I never deny that.

After the babies were put to bed, Orion and I sat out on the balcony talking about how far we've come as a couple (and little family)..and future plans for us. But mostly just really aware of how dang lucky we are. Not a day goes by that we aren't grateful.

It's been 2 years since Orion and I have been on any kind of a date alone. It was very needed..and now that the babies are officially signed up for childcare, we have plans to go on dates twice a month. Our next is on the 13th because Orion has to work on our we're doing the date part of that a couple of days early.
Woohoo for fun times with spouses! Now, all of you..go do something fun with your significant other..and if you get the chance, grab them up and dance. Closeness is required. :)


YogaNana said...

I'm concerned about the quality of info these chaplains are giving in an effort to improve the marriages ... sheesh!

But it does indeed look like a wonderful experience overall.

Jenna Consolo said...

Well, I know what the chaplain meant. He didn't mean the women don't need respect any more than he meant the men don't need love (romance). He's just saying that women FEEL loved especially with romance, and men FEEL love especially with respect, that's all. Oh well. He tried, even if he was a little outdated.

The pictures are great, Abby. It sounds like a wonderful getaway, really rejuvenating for you. I'm glad you guys are so happy together.

And I was all impressed that you knew the names of all those dishes! I didn't even think that you were copying the menu. I was all, "Well, check out Abby! What a classy foody!" Oh well. You gave me a good laugh.

Love you!

Abby said...


I know that's what he was talking about. But he didn't explain it further..he said it and then left it at it was fact and didn't need a little explaining, ya know? It was like BAM, there it is..and moving on..

and I was like "whoah..wait!" I just feel like a dramatic line like that requires some explaining that's all.

Anonymous said...

awww abby. this post made me so happy. i love that you guys did that, how fun. you are very fortunate <3


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

awwh you two look so cute and snuggly! I am glad you had time alone together :)