Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Dinner tonight was pretty simple. I haven't been feeling all that well..and was honestly just going to pop a frozen pizza in the oven or something..but I got to browsing recipes anyway. I came across some meatloaf and suddenly for the first time in like..4 years, I was craving it. I used this one for Mini Meatloaves from Allrecipes.com..stuck the mixture into a muffin tin and ya know what? Mmm, mmm, mmm, Clark! They were tassstttyyyy!! Threw together some homemade mashed potatoes (no gravy.. I knowww, but it was high enough calorie without added gravy!) and mini carrots and it was good eatin.

The kids didn't eat them and I don't even know why except for maybe they thought it looked different. I don't know. I coaxed Calix through some of his dinner by telling him if he didn't eat, he wasn't allowed to go to the hotel with us tomorrow. Which we all know is ridiculous because of course he's going with us..but kids don't know, man. There's still that fear for another year or so..and you know what? I'm using it. I don't care how that makes me look because that kid NEVER EATS ANYTHING.

I must go pack. I've been waiting for all of the laundry to run through before I started..but whatever, it's only a couple of days and our house is down the road in case someone forgot something. It got moved BACK to the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki..so I'm extra excited all over again. I finally get the chance to photograph Waikiki! Er, try to anyway because I'm not a fabulous photographer..yet. I need to call to make sure there's going to be a fridge in our room..children and milk and what not. Not children in the fridge..milk for the children in the fridge. Ya know.

Here's to hoping these classes don't make Orion and me (I? It's me isn't it? Either way..you know who I'm talking about) see that we really hate one another! Hahaha..oh I laugh but it's a worry!

Have a holly jolly!

Also.. Happy birthday, Alyssa!

And Happy birthday on Thursday, Josiah! Love you, silly sailor!


Mindy said...

I hope you all have a wonderful time doing whatever you're supposed to be doing on a "retreat". Sounds like it's going to be fun for adults and the kids!

Enjoy every minute of it and quit worrying!

Saint Holiday said...

Love & smiles. Calix reminds me of the young Eehee, who somehow survived without eating any dinner ever.


Jenna Consolo said...

I've been wanting to make those mini meatloaves. They do look tasty!

I can't wait to hear the details of this retreat. I know what you mean about the worry, but you two? You're just fine.

YogaNana said...

You guys have a great time!