Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Primary Colors

Something from Strong Bonds that was pretty neat..it's called Primary Colors Personality Tool. Play along and then at the end I'll tell you what color I am..and also what color Orion is..and what that means. Oh golly, I hope Blogger lets this turn out the way I've written it out and not smash it all together!

There are seven rows of boxes. First read Row 1 and choose the set of words that sounds the most like you and put a 6 in that box. Then read through the rest of the boxes in that row and choose the next set of words that sounds the most like you and mark it a 5..keep going until you get to the one that is least like you and mark that a 1. 6 is the most like you..1 is the least like you. Do the same for rows 2-7.


RED Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple

ROW 1 - Forceful, Bossy. Likes variety, Likes people. Peacemaker, Agreeable. Fair, Honest. Likes clear instructions. Productive, Responsible.

ROW 2- Likes goals, Takes action. Inspiring, Great communicator. Patient, Caring. Humble, Can be trusted. Perfectionist, Picky. Gets things done on time.

ROW 3- Speaks mind, Strong-willed. Entertaining, Life of the party. Supportive, Gentle. Committed, Dependable. Thorough, Accurate. Focused, Completes things.

ROW 4- Determined, Direct. Loves fun, Makes quick decisions. Gives in to others. Spiritual, Respectful. Likes ideas, Likes to solve problems. Organized, Level-headed.

ROW 5- Wants to win, Competitive. Blurts out what comes to mind. Warm, Understanding. Sincere, Accepting. Under control, Intense. Likes to teach, Follows rules.

ROW 6- Intimidating, Short tempered. Risk taker, Jumps at opportunities. Easy-going, Avoids conflict. Purposeful, Thankful. Likes order, Likes details. Blunt, To the point.

ROW 7- Power -driven, Prideful. Lots of energy, Spontaneous. Likes romance. Thoughtful, Polite. Curious, Likes being alone. Likes high standards.

Now, you should have a line of 1-6 on every horizontal row. Don't add those up. Add up all of the reds, oranges, yellows..etc. The highest possible score for each column is 42 and the lowest possible score is 7. The column with the highest total is your Primary Color, and the columns with the next highest totals are your Secondary Colors. These colors are likely to describe you. Every personality has strengths and weaknesses.

RED: Takes charge, determined, can have a temper, can be demanding of others, forceful, competitive, direct, impatient, opinionated. (Need for power and control)

ORANGE: Outgoing, takes risks, likes variety, likes to have fun, likes to be center stage, can be inspiring to others, can act without thinking. (Need for attention and excitement)

YELLOW: Understanding, kind and caring, puts off decisions, likes being around people, can give into people, happy to do things for others. (Need for approval)

GREEN: Fair, tolerant, humble, unyielding, deeply-committed, respectful of others, can be judgmental, trustworthy, values harmony. (Need for harmony)

BLUE: Likes details, perfectionist, disciplined, organized, likes to spend time alone, wants to get it right, can be a know-it-all, asks questions, likes order. (Need for order)

PURPLE: Frank, organized, independent, gets things done, follows directions, can be impatient, level - headed, thorough. (Need for accomplishment)


When you look carefully at the color chart, you will see that each personality type has strengths. Below, a major strength of each color is listed first. There are also a number of potential pitfalls or problem areas listed for each color type. These can be useful to think about in terms of who you are and how you treat others. The descriptions can also help you think about how others in your life are different from you, and how you can best relate to them.


A Major Strength: Your greatest strength is that you can take charge and lead when you need to do so.

You can be too rigid. "My way or the highway" thinking can cause people to leave you.

Red personalities love being RIGHT, so much so that there are times that they would rather be RIGHT than be loved. You must remember that your opinions are just that - opinions - not facts.

Your tendency to make your temper or bad mood someone else's problem damages trust in your relationships.

Your gruff exterior can keep people from really knowing and loving the best parts of you.

You can be too focused on yourself and not enough on others around you.


A Major Strength: Your greatest strength is that you are good at getting things done.

You are always at war with time. You believe there is not enough time to accomplish the things that need to be accomplished. You have difficulty getting your priorities in order - tunnel vision with your work can harm your relationships.

You love having the RIGHT answer to a problem. But you'll do best in relationships when you remember that others can assist you in solving problems, and you learn to value their viewpoints as well.

Your focus can be very narrow. This, at times, can cause your communication to be abrupt. You need to try to have conversations with your spouse or partner, children and co-workers that are longer, at times, than what is necessary.

Your tendency to be efficient can leave your family and friends feeling left out of your life. You need to remember to make time for the people you love and love them in a way that feels like love to them.

You have a tendency to define yourself by what you are able to accomplish and produce.


A Major Strength: Your greatest strength is that you are organized and focused.

Sometimes you don't communicate your feelings because you can't find the perfect way to do it. You sometimes think too much about things.

Blue personalities are doers and need to do things the RIGHT way. This causes them to sometimes not take time to relax and listen. You need to understand that people will think you are much smarter and more dedicated when you show you are willing to listen to them.

Watch out for a tendency to talk down to others, to be a "know it all" or treat others without respect. Try to be more accepting.

You tend to judge others but that may actually make you (and others) unhappy and frustrated. Try to be more understanding. It could turn your world around.

You have a tendency to be a perfectionist. This can make you and all those around you very unhappy. Learn the difference between perfect and great.


A Major Strength: Your greatest strength is that you are respectful and accepting of others.

However, you must watch out for becoming judgmental, or feeling that your perspectives and values are superior to other people's, even your partner's.

You are likely a big picture thinker. You may tend to have trouble solving a specific problem until you know how the problem relates to the big picture. Sometimes you make things more complicated than they need to be.

Sometimes green personalities have such a strong inner spiritual focus that their partners feel like they are not important. Make sure you make your partner feel like a priority.

Greens become discouraged when they think the world or people around them are out of tune with the RIGHT values. They don't care as much about being right as they care that things are right with the world.

Your focus on what is fair or right for the world can make you less sensitive to the needs of individuals.


A Major Strength: Your greatest strength is that you are gentle and understanding.

Your feelings can be so strong that you sometimes do things without thinking. Your heart can overrule your head, so be sure you make clear decisions about relationships.

Yellow personalities don't care as much about being right as about being loved. This could make you more vulnerable to picking or staying with partners who might not treat you well.

Because of your gentle nature, you have a tendency to give in to others. When you are hurt or are not appreciated, you might use guilt to attempt to get what you need rather than being direct and telling others what you want to see happen.

Many times you will sacrifice your needs for the needs of others. This makes you angry but your anger comes out in very passive-aggressive, or indirect, ways.

You have a tendency to over-commit yourself. It is very hard for you to say NO. You need to speak up for what you want and need. This is a skill that you need to develop in order to have happy, healthy relationships.


A Major Strength: Your greatest strength is that you help people have fun and try new things.

You can communicate well when you take the time to do it, but you need to work on slowing down to really listen to others.

Orange personalities aren't as interested in being right as they are in getting their way. They are so good at talking that they sometimes wind up manipulating people. This can make it hard for others to trust them.

You have a hard time balancing your commitments and having fun. The song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was written for orange personalities. You can be so focused on yourself that you sometimes have a hard time following through on the things you told others you would do.

You can act without thinking about the consequences. This can get you into trouble in relationships - even at work and sometimes with the law. Learn to think things through carefully.

You have a tendency to want to be the center of attention. This drive for attention can lead you to ignore other people, even those who are most important to you.

WOO! My hands are tired! Okay, how'd you like this? Was it fun? Did you learn anything? I'm a Green..and my secondaries are Yellow and Orange. Orion is Yellow with his secondaries being Green and Orange.


Jenna Consolo said...

Well, I bet your hands are tired! Good night!

I'm the complete opposite of you. Everything nobody wants to be. I'm a Red, with a very close second Purple and then Blue.

Hannah said...

I was tied between yellow and green but the yellow described me much more. Mike is a blue with red as his secondary.

That was fun. Thanks for doing that!

Mindy said...

I'm a yellow with orange and green tied for secondary.

That was interesting!

Saint Holiday said...

Looks like I'm strictly yellow, the yellow fellow, which we all suspected or knew. I like that new picture of you in the corner of your blog. In case you didn't know, you are quite beautiful. How can that be when you have this old, decrepid guy for a father? Have a wonderful day. I'll be working on my Last Will and Testament. I think I'll leave my corpse to an institution of higher learning for anatomical studies, except for my head, which will go to my plot at Coopertown. Do you think they'd want a headless trunk of a guy? If I was a student studying anatomy, it would creep me out to have the corpse looking at me all the time. They may prefer the headless look. What happens during the Resurrection if only your head is in the grave? Does it pop out and roll around until it finds the trunky part? "Yo, Bro, where's that thing headed to?" "I don't know, man. Hey, do you want to go bowling?" Anyway, this looks like a pretty simple will to draft, since I don't have anything. "First, I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid, that is, if anyone will chip in to pay them." Hah! I hope you all will have a party, anyway. Time is drawing to a close. The night is coming on. Soon, I'll have to stand before my Maker and explain myself. "Well, St. Holiday, what do you have to say for yourself to explain a lifetime of idiocy and poor choices?" "Lord, I'm sorry; I have no excuse." "None?!" "No, Lord. I can't think of any." "I assumed as much. What should we do with you? Hell is full right now." "Any place, Lord. Just don't send me back to earth." "Hmmm. Earth. Maybe that would be just the proper punishment for a rascal like you. We certainly can't keep you here. OK, that's my judgment: back to earth with you." "No, Lord, no! Not that! I'd have to pay all those bills I left behind!" "You should have thought of that before you committed all those sins. Get going, and don't let the Pearly Gate hit you in the butt on the way out."

YogaNana said...

Purple, blue, and green, in that order, which happen to be my three favorite colors -- but they have to be the right shades! :o)