Monday, June 15, 2009


I keep coming to Blogger. I have stuff to blog about..but I haven't been able to concentrate on words. It's so annoying. My fever's breaking (it broke all over the couch during a nap) that's good. We all got sick while at the Hilton a week and a half ago. Orion got sick first..but his was just an annoying cough for a few days..and then the kids both came at me with fevers and runny noses and icky attitudes..and then Orion busted out with what the kids had and just when I thought I was going to squeak by this illness without being touched..I kissed Orion. On the mouth. On accident (sometimes the man's so irresistible I forget he's sick and let my guard down). And the next day? BOOM..I was sick too.

First, it was a sore throat. The next day, my face hurt from sinus issues. Then the fever and the chills and the confusion and the coughing..oh my GOSH the coughing. I hate when my lungs feel like they want to jump out of my chest. Ugh, painful. Drippy nose. My ears are all plugged up and achy you need to speak clearly and close to me and then give me a few moments to filter what just happened because I'm so friggin confused and out of it. It's embarrassing out in public. Oh, and I've been out in public..a lot.

Orion and I have been half joking the entire time we've been sick that it's the H1N1 virus and when he would mention it out in public I would shush him because shhh you're being embarrassing. And because I haven't really been all there mentally this past week..I didn't know he was being serious about what we had. I just thought..a nasty cold or something that the kids picked up from the daycare during the Special Bonds retreat. No pass stuff on to one another..they'll get better..whatever. Until I got it. And then it suddenly clicked in my slowed mind last night that..dude, we have swine flu. How embarrassing. Out in public..around ALL kinds of people..and we're all diseased. When I told Orion of my realization (after doing some online research about it), he said "I know. I told you we did!" Nice. I thought he was joking.

On Friday, we did our grocery shopping (mostly because we really needed to..because if it could have waited..I would have waited. I felt like CRAP). We then took Calix to get his first official non-mom haircut at this cute little kid's salon

because the kid had a mop head and it was getting embarrassing and I didn't want to give him another mom haircut and ruin his chances of going to a little salon for another month or 2.

My nose was runny at this point.

starting to look handsome!

Maddox wanted to sit in one of the cars and the woman there said he did.

And he drove that stationary car all kinds of places in his mind, I'm sure.



Well look at you, handsome guy!

Then we went to go find me a new swimsuit. Clearly, I wasn't thinking properly. I told you..I was just out of it and drugged up on Dayquil. But I needed a new one and the kids kept asking to go to the beach so fine, I'll go buy a new swimsuit. It's not fun, or easy, to go suit shopping when your eyes are watery and your nose is runny. And because it was getting late..we took the kids to McDonald's for dinner. So they could also play in the playplace (O's been promising them) because we're just asking for trouble and obviously can't take a hint about being sick and needing to be home. What's this you say? Home when you're sick? But why?

pretending to be asleep

You don't see Maddox in any of these pictures because he was too busy climbing all the way to the top and then changing his mind halfway down that big twirly slide. A big kid talked him down the rest of the way..and he came out crying talking about how he didn't want to and how he now wanted to go home. Aww..traumatized.

Saturday was date night. It's been planned for a while..and the kids' daycare fees were paid upfront and even though I told Orion I just wanted to sleep, he said it wasn't really up to me (a man determined to take his woman out..pitter pat). So I slept all day and then took my time in the bath and getting ready for my darling.

Do I look horribly sick? I felt it.

Wait, I love this set. I'm gonna call it Kiss Anticipation

Awww..Orion's facial expressions are the best.

So we left the house at 5:58pm because daycare is at the end of our street. The boys had their pillows and blankets and were all set with full tummies from dinner. When we pulled into the lot I said it looked too empty to be held there. We got out anyway and checked the doors. Locked. We then checked every building's doors..maybe it's being held at the teen center? Maybe the community center? Locked..and the other was having a party. Oy. So we drive home and what do you know, daycare is being held at Fort Shafter this time..not AMR. So we head on out there. Find the building..unload the babies and head inside. It's about 6:30. Time's ticking away. The flyer said closed toed shoes. Living in Hawaii and the boys not being in school or anything..they have two pairs of shoes right now. Sandals..and crocs. The crocs were closed they wore them. When we got inside the lady was putting their name tags on and then looked down and said "uh oh..are those crocs?" "yeah" "they can't wear those here" "why not? It said closed toed..they're closed toed.." "they're getting ready to go outside to play and it's just unacceptable footwear for playing outside" (which is bull because my kids play just FINE outside and at parks with crocs on!) So we load the kids back up into the car AGAIN after I may or may not have mumbled some words outloud about this being bullcrap and ridiculous..and we headed out to find a store that sold children's sneakers at a decent price because I am NOT okay with shelling out $40 (and up) for two pairs of tiny shoes that my kids will outgrow and barely wear. Where's a friggin Payless? Target..go to Target. Orion dropped me at the door, I ran in and grabbed a pair of size 6 and size 8's and some socks and made my drippy nosed way to the check out. It's now 7:10. Time's ticking..I'm upset. I get in the car and rant about how if they mean SNEAKERS they should just say SNEAKERS and not closed toed shoes. I can't even go in the building to help Orion drop off the kids because I'm so furious (that and me being around when they're dropped off makes it harder for them to stay. They freak out if I leave them). It's 7:30. They split Calix and Maddox up..Maddox is freaking out because he just wants to be with his brother (and hey, I understand. I was the same way with Hannah)..but after about 15 minutes Orion finally sneaks out. I just want to go home at this point. It's stupid and pointless to even go out now..but Orion gently reminds me that it's not up to me (pitter pat).

We get downtown around 8pm and we have until 11 before the boys absolutely have to be picked up. This means the movie we were going to see is no longer do-able because we waited to do dinner..and now it's an either or situation. Skipped the movie..went next door to Dave and Buster's instead. We sat at the bar and had drinks while we waited for our table to be ready. Orion ordered some chicken and avocado sandwich..I ordered the Philly cheesesteak ("just meat and cheese..none of that other bullcrap"**) because I haven't had one in a while and they claim to get their steaks from South Philly. I wanted to test that out. My ears were clogged and I could barely understand what the waiter was saying..and by the time it registered, it was too late anyway. That was embarrassing. But I still say I was probably his favorite customer of the day. I had him laughing like crazy and he called me old school from the way I was talking. So that was silly. And I almost got him to freestyle at the table. I told him I had faith in him.

We were going to do chocolate fondue for dessert and feed one another because it's cute..but we were way too full after our meals and we didn't have a ton of time to sit around and think about it or we paid and headed upstairs to the games. Had tons of fun up there..won bunches of nose dripped a few times. Ya know. Keepin it classy. We cashed in our tickets..picked out a few things for the kids with our winnings and then headed out. We got to the sleeping babies around 10:45 and were glad to see that they put them back together (seriously..when you're a kid and you're thrown into a large group of other kids that you don't know and you think you're safe because you have your brother with you..and then they take your brother scary! So I was really just glad they put them back together). Brought them home and tucked them into bed before retiring for the night ourselves.

On Sunday, Orion got the boys all riled up about the beach. Come on! Let me just be sick! Let me curl up on the couch and sleep and get better! COME ON! So we went to the beach (well, first we went to pick up some more sunscreen and a floaty raft)..where I didn't bring my camera..but took these two pictures of Maddox with my phone:

because he was rolling around in the sand..and putting his face in it to secretly eat it. Gross.
I swam for a few, I treaded mostly, with Maddox in my arms because he wanted to swim with me and not play in the sand with Orion. He practiced his swimming (where I hold him out and on his belly and he kick kick kicks! Kick kick kick!). I couldn't take any more than that..and I'm sorry. But I just wanted to sleep. My body was so achy it felt bruised. The worst weekend to be so active, ya know? But it is what it is and I think I might be almost done with this whole mess..and I hope that I am because I honestly cannot be out of commission for this long. How annoying!
So this is where I've been and what we've been doing and now I need to go see if there's anything on my dinner menu plan for the week that I can make quickly because this short post turned into a massively huge one that took like 2 hours.
Tomorrow is our anniversary!

**in which other words were really used but I'll edit for the sake of readers.


Jenna Consolo said...

Girl, when you have the Swine Flu, you MUST stay home! People die! On the bright side, if it WAS the swine flu, then maybe you'll have immunity now and when the worse outbreak happens probably in the fall, you'll be safe.

Love that kids' salon! How cute is that?

Hannah said...

Poor Abby. So much fun to be had and you have to be all sick and what-not.

I love the kiss pictures!! So cute and hello Abby!! You're so beautiful!

Sarah said...

I hate being sick more than a day or 2 also. It's no fun! Hope you feel better soon!

That kids salon looks awesome!