Sunday, June 21, 2009

06-21-09 Father's Day!

I'll be adding to this post as the day goes on..but I just thought these couple of pictures were adorable and had to share them immediately. That's just the kind of girl I am.

Because Orion and I really watch what we eat these days, we don't really do big weekend breakfasts anymore. So yesterday when I asked Orion what his perfect breakfast would consist of, I wasn't too surprised when he said "French toast, eggs, bacon, and sausage". No problem. So I got up before the kids even stirred and got started. After they'd eaten breakfast, they followed me upstairs to deliver a sleeping daddy his Father's Day breakfast.

he wasn't even joking..he was *asleep* when we came in. But the boys got to give him morning hugs and wish him a happy father's day (Calix actually said "Happy Mother's day!" because there are just too many special days for this kid to keep up with).

I think this picture's absolutely precious. A deep daddy hug. Awww.

We have all of these gorgeous flowers growing in our front yard. This happens to be a hibiscus..pretty typical around these parts. I wouldn't normally clip one from the group, but it gave Orion's breakfast the much needed pop of red I enjoy.

Perhaps there will be more later..but for now, I must go put the roast in the crock pot.

**next day**

I really should have just said "here's a peek inside of Father's Day" or something because promising to update and then having your husband play video games on this computer for the majority of the day doesn't really work out. I don't want to install my camera's software on the laptop just so I can upload photos when Orion's playing the Sims or Flight Simulator X or something. I don't want our photos all over the place and it all just seems an annoying extra step. I'd rather wait.

Anyway, so we had plans to go spend the day at the beach but if you know how paranoid I am, and you saw that I mentioned putting a roast in the crock pot..then you know we didn't end up going to the beach. I just can't help it. I know people start a crock pot and go to work or out or whatever ALL THE TIME. I know. But it scares me. It seems an unnecessary risk to me. Just like I don't leave flat irons plugged in and on when I leave the house..why would I leave a crock pot plugged in and on when I leave the house? Houses burn down from less..and I'm not interested in my house burning down. I'll pass. Fire really scares me, ya know? Anyway. So those plans were shot down..but again, it's not like we don't go to the beach all the time anyway. It's there..we'll go another day. No big deal. I just hate letting the kids down.

So, Orion tried to set up that old baby pool we got when Maddox was 4 months old and Calix not even 2. It's a small pathetic thing. We've decided we should probably get a bigger one. Maybe one we can even get in, too haha.


pumping..but then it was discovered that hey, after 2 years of sitting in got a hole of sorts and wouldn't hold the air. Plan B. C? 3? Whatever.


treat time! Maddox's first official popsicle. I know, worst mother ever.

But don't worry..because this is only Calix's 2nd.

Maddox, you're messy..go rinse off in the sprinkler

Like how he thinks he's rinsing off but the water isn't even touching him? What a cutie.

shiver shiver shake shake
For dinner, I made 3 Envelope Roast from Real Mom Kitchen..along with some mashed potatoes and gravy and corn and blah blah blah. We had great conversation..the boys didn't touch their dinner.
I kept meaning to make that man snickerdoodles because they're his all-time favorite cookies. I've made them once or twice the entire time we've been together. It's just that I ate them so much as a kid and they give me acid reflux now as an they don't have me rushing into the kitchen to whip up a batch. I'd rather make something more difficult..but they ARE his favorite and so I should just make them already and stop stalling (how about a snickerdoodle bunt cake, O? haha). I'll do that today. I'm sorry..I honestly just ran out of time yesterday because I was busy with *everything* else!
I promised him I'd pamper him. Pedicure, facial..*cough*shavehisback*cough*...because I am a woman of very little money (it's hard financially when you have date night/daycare, anniversary, and father's day along with everything else fun and basic that you one pay period) these days and I think it's kind of weird to ask Orion for money so I can go buy him something. I think I said this a few days ago..but the man has just about everything he wants and anything he doesn't have (like a Glock 21..) is just too expensive for my little self at this stage of my life. And that makes me sad and I can't wait until the boys are in school so I can go get a job and surprise that man more because he totally spoils me and I'm left like pulling out the lining of my pockets and having lint drop out and I'm all :( I wish I could give you everything. It's kind of like that poem "what can I give you, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd I would give you a lamb. If I were a wiseman I would do my part..but what can I give you? I'll give my heart" and while that might not be exactly how it get the idea. So more often than not, I give Orion my heart and the small tidbits that I can do and feel aren't really worth much..seem to mean the most to him. He's pretty cool like that.

Soak those feet!


Too many bubbles! Down, bubbles!
His feet were soaked and scrubbed and buffed..his nails were clipped and filed..his feet received an awesome massage while being lotioned. He admitted that his feet have never been that well taken care of..that he felt like a new man. O, you're the cutest. And because it was so late, we didn't get to finish the rest of his pampering. I'll do that tonight for him.
I'm off to go start some snickerdoodles for him. That'll make him happy to see when he comes home for lunch.


Jenna Consolo said...

So cute! I love that he said 'Happy Mother's Day'...

Mindy said...

Too cute! If I had those hibiscus' growing in my front lawn, they'd be all over the house! :-)

Those are great pictures, Abby!

YogaNana said...

Ahhhhhh!!!!! And how did the rest of the day develop?

YogaNana said...

Looks like the rest of the day went well! :o) And yeah, I may have overdone the snickerdoodles just a little.

Jenna Consolo said...

I love Snickerdoodles too! Lyndsay makes them the BEST.

That one photo, the first one of O soaking his feet scared me at first glance. I thought his foot was raw and bloody.

You're a good wife, Abs. And that has nothing to do with money. Never will. And if O makes enough to let you stay home, you always should. Even when the boys are in school you'll have plenty of things to do to create the beautiful home you have and keep it special for your sweet family. And maybe more babies to care for too!

Friglet said...

Love the pictures! That looks like an awesome Father's Day. :)