Friday, June 26, 2009


I checked my camera for some pictures I may have taken recently and haven't stuck in my blog yet..but there honestly aren't any. The last picture is Orion pushing the bubbles in the foot bath down.

So if I'm not taking pictures..what AM I doing??

Well, I know I've been reading about picture taking (Nikon D60 For Dummies..I admit it). I've been reading and re-reading the section on manual shooting because I want to get it right. I want to be able to not use the auto shooting just because it's quicker and something I don't have to think about using..I want my pictures to be better. I want to be better.

Orion and I have been talking about maybe going to Japan in November instead of one of the other islands. I really want to see as much as I can while I'm here, ya know? And because we already live at the halfway's like..why not? I want to see Japan. I do. I need a passport though. We would be flying Space A (space available..military style, baby haha) and staying at the military hotel they have in Tokyo. I'm pretty excited about this possibility. Orion works with a guy who took his wife and including Space A and the hotel and everything, they only spent like $400 for the week. We have two kids and would be getting a family suite so it'll be a little more expensive..but still.. STILL so much cheaper than it would be if we flew commercial. Yay, adventure!

Orion leaves for WLC (warrior leaders course) on the 7th (it's taken a long time for him to go because of his leg issues and having to go to physical therapy and not being able to run and without running you can't really pass a PT test. But like a week or two ago, he ran and even took 2 minutes off his fastest time horray!! And now that there's a passed PT test..he has to go) and he'll be there for 2 weeks. No coming :( but, we've been without him for much longer periods of this is okay. I'm going to be so bored at nighttttt.

We've been signed up for another Strong Bonds retreat. Orion was approached because they needed to fill're going again. A different hotel this time..still Waikiki. Monday-Wednesday. Good times.

I made a scrumptious chocolate caramel cake last night. No real recipe to go look was an experiment of sorts.

I guess it doesn't look the best. But! There are three..count them, THREE layers of ooey gooey delicious caramel (seeping throughout the cake, really) and a warm fudge frosting was poured over top and dripped down the sides and oooo!!! It's not for the faint of heart but more for the PMS inclined. Hello, darling. I've been craving you all week.

I've been working on the little boys' room. It was looking way too plain to me and while I think it looks cuter now, it probably wouldn't to any of you and so I'll save you from the bore of those pictures. There are still some things I'd like to do in there, anyway.

Maddox shoved a peanut up his nose yesterday. He was complaining that his nose hurt and blowing it wasn't helping. Today he's still complaining about I asked him. I asked if he put anything up there. He said "mmhmm..a peanut" "you put a peanut up your nose?" and Calix said "yeah, he put a peanut in his nose yesterday" well thanks for waiting until now to tell me, fellas. So I get to see if I can tweezer it out..if not? Uhh..well..I don't know. Do these things work themselves out? Do I take him to the ER? I'm new to this whole kids sticking things up their noses thing..though I do have to say it doesn't surprise me one bit. It really doesn't.

The joys of motherhood are never ending, aren't they?


Hannah said...

Yummmmmm! That cake looks tasty.

Ya know, I've thankfully never had to deal with kids sticking things in their noses. I would probably call his pediatrician before taking him to the ER though. They might have some tips or have you just bring him in so they can take care of it. Much cheaper than an ER trip I would think.

Abby said...

Yeah the nose thing is a first for me. I think it's gross that they put the peanut in a little container to brig home. Ew, I don't want that!

I tried to get it with tweezers myself and then I looked online for other options and it was suggested to cover his unobstructed nostril and seal his mouth with mine and blow into it. I tried twice and he thought it was funny. Orion tried both things I did when he got home from work and still nothing. And because we're military, you have to have an appointment to go to the doctor. They're pretty super booked all the time..and there is no urgent care. So for things that aren't too major but can't wait a couple of days to be seen, you have to go to the ER. It's a military hospital that we go to for *everything* and the fee is free so that's why we seem to go so often. But even if it were a normal hospital, it's still free because of the coverage we have (Tricare Prime).

Sarah said...

Well atleast you're still blogging. Pictures or not. I still have pictures from the beginning of June on my camera and haven't gotten around to posting about Alyssa's birthday, Josiah's birthday, Father's day, and now Trenton's birthday. UGH! I'm in a blogging slump. But that cake looks yummy! And I want to see pics of the boys room. I've been trying to help my girls get a more exciting room. I bought them a desk at a garage sale a couple weeks ago...they love it! Now I want to get some curtains up in there. But like you said...nothing that anyone else would really be excited to see.

Jenna Consolo said...

Hey, what happened to the lovely couples' retreat post and pictures?

Abby said...

Strong Bonds take 2? It's still there. Does it not show up for you?

Jenna Consolo said...

That was so weird. Yesterday when I came to your blog, this was the latest post, so the Strong Bonds and the 4th of July one were just gone! But now they're back! Weird. Just making sure some drama hadn't happened that I'd missed out on. What a relief!