Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey guess what? This is my 700th post! Awww. This blog's 3 year anniversary is next Wednesday..and that doesn't really mean anything because it's not like I have a huge following or anything..but I think it's pretty cute. Tons has happened in 3 years!

How cute are these?

the boys are going through this phase where they take all of the shoes off the shoe rack and wear them around. I should try to get cuter pictures than these..maybe dress the boys up in some of Orion's ACU's and print them out and frame them for Father's Day.

So yesterday was our 4 year wedding anniversary. We didn't do a whole lot because Orion worked and what not. But, he did surprise me with a super awesome gift

He did a dang good job of wrapping it! Yay, Orion! He said he sat in the back of the van after PT wrapping it and cursing because it was taking so long..and then I texted him to see if he was okay (I do that. Ya know. If he's taking way longer to get home than normal, I check to see if he's okay because I worry.) and he said something like "1st Sgt. PT" and I thought maybe the first sergeant was conducting PT and was making them stay longer or something..I didn't really question it, whatever. And then a few minutes later he strolled through the door like "there's no such thing as first sergeant pt" dude, like I know..but thanks for lying to your wife haha. Look at how proud he is..what a prince!

Check him out taking the price tag off of it hahaha. It's not the exact set I wanted (I wanted the same set my mom has..not the nonstick) but they ARE Calphalon and they ARE my first real set of pots and pans that weren't previously someone else's and they aren't going to leave pieces of teflon in our food (gross) and hello?? They're NICE! He looked at my Amazon wishlist and he went out to find the item (and Target didn't have the exact set I wanted anyway) you know what? Kudos. Total kudos go out to this man. There's something to be said about the kind of pride one feels when they have a set of pots and pans that cannot be put into the dishwasher and so they're lovingly washed as per instructions by hand. I love them. I love him. It's all perfect.

And because we never had a cake when we got married (we split a cupcake), I attempted to make a wedding/anniversary cake of sorts. Don't make fun of the way it looks..I'm not an artist or a cake decorator. I work with flavors, man..and this was super extra delicious. Orion declared it the yummiest cake he's ever had.

it's not perfect, but I was trying to get it done before he came home for lunch..and I was literally putting the dome on the cake as he walked through the door. It was a last minute surprise..and he was surprised.

lemon cake with two layers of lemon filling and the center is a coconut cream filling. Buttercream frosting. We smashed it into one another's faces to make up for the time we didn't haha. It really was delicious. Seriously.

Here's something you guys probably didn't know about me: I left something out of my vows when we got married. There's a reason for it!

We were pretty poor when we got married. So when the judge said "for richer or poorer" I said "for richer" because I couldn't imagine us being any poorer than what we were (though we did get there). Is that horrible of me? I laughed at the time and so did everyone else who caught it. At least I didn't leave out any parts about fidelity. That's gotta count for something.

Anyway, we popped some bubbly after the babies went to bed and we toasted us (what I got for Orion wasn't that great because he has everything he wants and anything he doesn't have is too expensive for me to get him..but know I would get that man the world if I could.). Here's to another fabulous 80 years! Hehehe


Sarah said...

Aww! Yay for romanticalness! (I just made that up.) You guys are so cute! The cake sounds super yummy! Glad you guys had an enjoyable-ish day even though he had to work.

Hannah said...

MMMM lemon cake is my fave!! It looks so yummy, i could just dive through the screen and eat some.

Congrats on the anniversary!!

Jenna Consolo said...

Congratulations, you two. That's awesome, and you have been through so much together. I think the cake is lovely, and sounds delicious! And he got you real pots? What a man!

700 posts? Holy cow. Keep 'em comin!

YogaNana said...

I seriously love that picture of Maddox in the boots.

The cake looks very yummy -- moist and yummy! Glad you guys had a happy anniversary and glad you got your pans! Hope you've thrown away my ancient ones.

Mindy said...

Congratulations of 4 years! Here's to 40 more (at least)!

And 700 posts? Wow!

You are on a roll here for awesomeness in your life!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

awh abby, i think the cake you made for your anniversary is so darling! good job and congrats on 4yrs!!