Monday, June 01, 2009


It's been like a week or something. I'm here..I'm here. Busy and sleeping, ya know. Let me go through some pictures..see what may have happened this week. Clearly not much that was photographed.

This was the day that Calix said "I have a heart for you, mommy..see? Because I love you!" and he made a finger heart with his cute smile and dimples and needless to say..I died. Ugh, I'm so lucky.

Open the fridge and turn your back just for a second and Maddox has climbed in and is getting cooled off while browsing the shelves. Oh,'re awesome.

Tonight for dinner, I threw a random pita together for me and O. I don't know. See, what happens is I go to the grocery store and buy like..whatever (on top of stuff I need for recipes) jumps into the cart and seems like a good idea..and then I get home and need to figure out what I'm going to do with that object before it goes bad, ya know? Anyway. So I had pitas and veggies and ya know..tuna. Sure..sounds like a good time. Oh, and it was. It totally hit the spot.

And because I'm all hormonal..I need chocolate. Listen, don't argue with it..just let it be. So anyway..I scoured for a nice chocolate cake recipe and found this baby Black Magic Cake oh, sweet baby in a cradle is that a good cake base..woooo weee! Then I smeared it with this Creamy Chocolate Frosting chopped up some milk chocolate chips and mixed them with coconut shavings and slapped that all up on the sides and mmmaaaaaaannnnn is she a good one. So good I can feel the zits coming to the surface, know what I'm sayin? Shoot. Fact is, it's a fabulous cake (though it may not look that great..because a cake artist I am not.)..and if you have some time..and a sweet tooth, may I recommend it?

Besides all of that, we're probably heading to the beach tomorrow morning because Orion has off and we're all healed from our burns and blisters. Wednesday, we head out to the Turtle Bay resort (they filmed like..Forgetting Sarah Marshall there..and I believe those brats from The Hills were there like a month ago filming) and will be there soaking up the sun and taking classes on marriage or something (I'm still in the dark about all of this but game anyway) until Friday afternoon. I was pretty bummed for a bit that they're not doing the retreat on Waikiki..because come on, it's Waikiki and there's TONS to do around that area and I was looking forward to wandering around with my love on my arm and the babies in daycare. But it was moved to Turtle Bay which is in the middle of nowhere instead of driving for a bit to do shopping or whatever..I think we'll just take advantage of the seclusion and the beach at our doorstep and just relax. It'll be fun..and if not fun, then funny.

So there's that. Let's see..I've lost 12 pounds so that's good. I'm like 5 pounds away from being what I was when we first moved that's something. Roughly 50 more pounds till my total hotness goal. I love that clothes are fitting me a ton better now..ugh, I'm excited!

Seriously is it that tomorrow is June already? Where did May go????


Michele said...

Seriously, with all of the yummy food you make I can't believe you manage to lose any weight. If I came to live with you I'd wegh 700 pounds by summer's end. :P

Jenna Consolo said...

I love tuna in pita! I do that sometimes, and that cake looks heavenly! (Plus your camera takes great food pics!)

The picture of Calix is absolutely precious. The love of boys for their momma is awesome. You ARE lucky.

Weird that it's June 1st. That was Mom and Dad's anniversary, and I always think of it. Weird.

The retreat sounds cool, no matter where it is. I'm glad you two are going. Can't wait to hear about it.

Hannah said...

You've lost 12 pounds?! That's awesome!!

I'm craving the beach lately. Like a lot. I keep begging Mike to take me to California. He keeps saying some stuff about money or whatever. I don't know. I stop listening when it sounds like a "no" Haha! Just kidding Mikey! I listen to every word you say. Hehehe. I'm funny.

Saint Holiday said...

Twelve pounds! That's 12 boxes of butter. When you go to the grocery store, be sure to stack up 12 boxes of butter, gaze upon them and rejoice. You deserve a chocolate cake after all that effort. I love reading about your kids, my geebees. Take care.

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