Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day..tons of pictures. Tons.

Today was Memorial Day..and to's more than just bbq's and hanging out. We're a military family..Memorial day is really about remembering the men and women who so readily gave their lives for our freedom. Some people have Jesus..we have the military. Ya know. Different strokes.

So what better place on the island to go show your respect than the Arizona Memorial? No better place.

The first is a Polaris A-3 submarine -launched ballistic missile..the second is an A-1. Didn't think they were actually that big, did you? Me either.

The USS Bowfin. Submarine (for those that thought it was a ship).

I really love pictures of the American flag. Did you know? Ugh, it just fills me with such pride.

memorial markers for every submarine the US has lost. On each one it gives a summary and then a list of all of the men and women who lost their lives when each was destroyed in whatever way it was destroyed. They refer to them as On Eternal Patrol. That simple phrase gave me goosebumps. Not every memorial marker had names on it..which is a relief of sorts.

For some reason, I just really like all of these pictures I took of the markers.

Hello, Chubby. I know, you're trying.

One of the ferry boats to get to the USS Arizona's resting place. Before getting on, they have you watch a short film about the history of the ship and Pearl Harbor. Tears. Yeah, I cried.

Orion snapped this while on the ferry. I like it.

Me and Calix on the ferry

There she be

Even after 67 1/2 years, there's still drops of oil from the ship bubbling to the surface.

the babies and babe look on and take it all in.

The names. Did you know there were something like 33 sets of brothers on the ship and 23 sets died that day? There was also a father and son on board who also perished. Can you imagine?

Bits and pieces of the ship

Looking at the USS Missouri from the memorial. We visited that in September.

I love this picture. Partially for the flag. Mostly for the building's design.

Me, Calix, and Maddox. I haven't claimed to be thin in a very long time..but I'm honestly working on it. Love me for other things.

Hello, short one.

One day you boys may tower over your dear old mom..let her have fun with her height for now (even though there's no real promise that you boys will be tall because your father's side of the family is on the shorter than your mother's side of the family..side. I'm rooting for you, though. Eat your veggies.)

loves it again

Orion with the original anchor to the ship. Wow.
Now, that's not to say we didn't do a backyard picnic of sorts. We left our grill in Kentucky and still have yet to get a new one. Orion's holding out for a smoker or something. I don't know. So I made some foods while the babes played in the sprinkler and The Burbs played on tv (The burbs!).

I did the baked beans and potato salad from, the potato part was probably an obvious one. But who does baked beans from scratch these days? This girl. Orion teased that the hamburger buns weren't homemade but I assured him that I had a recipe for those too and if I'd had more time I would have pulled that one off as well. Don't think I won't!

I think wet children wrapped in towels and eating after playing in sprinklers and the warm sun is one of the cutest sights ever. It makes me feel like I'm doing this mom thing the right way..and also brings me back to my own childhood. I love when I see parts of my past in my children's present (I won't be saying that forever..because we all have some years we're not the proudest of. No? You don't? Just me then? Well, this is awkward.).

After a literal day of mulling over what to make for dessert..lemon meringue pie? Lemon sorbet? Lemon lemon lemon (I have lemons I need to use), I randomly decided on fruit parfaits. Homemade vanilla pudding (I mentioned to Orion how I should keep Jello pudding in the house because it seems like every recipe I want to make lately involves it. It didn't occur to me that hey, you can make it from scratch and it's SO much yummier..until last night when I randomly looked it up on to check), berries, and homemade whipped cream. Easy easy and totally yummy.

The babies are in bed dreaming of their day on a boat and sprinklers and dessert, even though they didn't finish their dinner, because it's a special holiday and I'm that kind of a mom. The dishwasher is whirring away and I'm beat. Time for me to cuddle up next to my love and take in a flick. 300..his choice..but I like it, too.
Jolly good.


Jenna Consolo said...

Nice, Abby!

I also get so emotional about all things patriotic and Memorial. Very moving. I can't even sing the National Anthem without weeping. Seeing these sites must have been incredible in person. The pictures were great. And nice job on the dinner!

Oh, and you know me, I have to say it, I like to think we all have Jesus AND the military. You know, different freedoms. And we all benefit, whether we claim it or not. :)

I'm so proud that Orion is in the military though. I tell everyone I know about him and how he serves our country. I'm sure that makes Memorial Day extra special for you guys.

Abby said...

I totally tear up every time the national anthem is played, too. My heart starts beating all fast. Seriously. I loves it. Orion wants everyone to know for the record it was not him who made me all patriotic. I did it on my own and even push it on him a little. It's true.

The Jesus line was a joke!

These holidays are very special to me and hit very close to home. Every time Orion leaves..I'm one knock away from being a widow. And while we try to stay positive about these sorts of things, it's always there lurking in the back. Don't get too comfortable, Abby..your life could be rearranged in an instant.

YogaNana said...

*Any* of our lives could be rearranged in a minute but your situation makes you more aware of it. Which is good because it makes you more aware of how precious each day is.

Nice post.

Abby said...

I wasn't trying to sound more important than anyone else and if it came off that way, I apologize. I know everyone's lives could be changed in an instant. I was only doing the Memorial day connection and how it applies to me is all.


Jenna Consolo said...

Oh yeah, Abs, we all get it. And I knew you were joking about the Jesus thing. Just didn't want you to forget that he died for you too. (wink)

I also had to come back to look at all your pictures again. They are so good! I love your camera! And I also love that you guys do so much as a family, even though the kids are young and probably won't remember any of it. I love that you guys do it, and love doing it. You're a great mom.

Mindy said...

The names on the plaques and markers get to me every time. I love these pictures!

I don't know about the kids not remembering anything about this time... I have a 12 year old and he looks at pictures of when he was 2 and can tell me details of those days. "Remember when right after this picture was taken you and I went into the beach and swam around and you got all sunburned that day?" It amazes me at how much he does remember!

I want to know when You're going to invite us to dinner... You make me hungry every time I click on here and see what you guys are eating!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! I feel slightly ashamed that I'm not as patriotic as you are. I dunno why, I just do.

Also, for the record, I think you look great! You've inspired me to eat better and start cooking better for my family. Keep up the good work :)

Abby said...

Mindy I swear I can't believe he's already 12! I remember when Calix was born and we bonded over premature babies and you saying "they do get bigger"..and MAN were you right. It was something a new scared mom (and I was terrified) needed to hear, ya know? Thought I would tell you I still think of your kindness to someone you didn't really know often. Those simple words helped me more than you know, dollface. :)

And silly, you guys are welcome to dinner anytime!

Abby said...

Beanie, you're cute.

I'm glad my small efforts could inspire you! So..what have you been making??

Mindy said...

Girl, I look at this kid who is short for his age, he does have shortness on both sides, and think "How did you EVER get this big"? Because he's almost 4 1/2 feet tall now! He's my little man.
Ummm... we'll be on the next flight out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

that picture of maddox wrapped in a towel in his little chair is the cutest thing in the world <3