Saturday, September 20, 2008

4 Day Weekends Are a Good Time

We went to go see the USS Missouri this morning...meant to see the memorial for the USS Arizona as well but the boys were exhausted and hungry and it was another small drive to get to the whole thing..but hey, something else for another day. Here be some pictures:

A memorial wall for the USS Oklahoma

Paying our respects at the wall..and the USS Missouri in the background

We found out, after we paid the $20 to get in, that it wasn't very..stroller friendly. But they did, however, have this little "lift" to get us up the stairs onto the ship.'s a cage being lifted by a fork lift. I chose the stairs. "What, you don't like our lift?" "it's not that I don't like your lift it's's not you, it's me." This had them laughing..because you KNOW they know how ghetto that is.

The kids were scared. Calix kept saying "okay, no more! All done!"

They had rooms we could go into..oh no, wait..we couldn't because we've got little ones in a stroller. I guess it's our fault and we should have figured that out before we even went..but whateva. At least it's something historical to see, right?

...I had no idea he was taking a picture of me and was bad. BAD! SO I drew a kind of paper bag around problem area. I admit it.

A view from the ship

Orion got to go up a bunch of ladders so he saw way more than I did. I like to refer to it as a Jon and Kate Plus 8 moment. Orion being Jon and ditching me with the kids. If you watch the know what I'm talking about.

Awww..a little tugboat turning this huge ship around. Go, tugboat, go!!!

And that's basically it. I wish we'd actually gone on a tour so we could hear about all of the super neat things that actually went on there. We'll have to go again when the kids are a little older and can climb all of those ladders on their own.

Also..the Wallies for Maddox's room showed up today! I was trying to think of something that was so Maddox..and he's just this little fun lovin guy..easy going..and I can totally picture him on a surfboard. So I went to because those things are super easy to put up and super easy to take down and they don't involve paint. I found some sand buckets and beach balls and clouds and figured I might be able to do a little something with them. I also found a place out here that sells surfboard area rugs..but I haven't purchased that yet. I will..I will. The walls are a little more than halfway done but this is how it looks so far:

I still need to do the other half of the room...find a cuter beach inspired blanket for him and put some other things up..but lemme tell you..he was *amazed* when he walked into his room and saw what mommy had done. He ran in like "whoaahh!!! BALL!!! BALL!!!!" and pointed and stared for a while. I think he likes it.

Calix wants a dinosaur room. I found these awesome HUGE dinosaurs for his walls..and one that looks like it's actually coming through the wall...but I think they might be a little scary for him still so I might do a younger child version or something. Still looking around for ideas though.

I'll put pictures up when the rooms are done..I just get too excited and need to show you guys sometimes, ya know? that was our day so far. Lasagna's in the oven so tummies will be full in just a little while.


YogaNana said...

Bedroom is cute!

As for the tour, I like the tugboat picture best. Teeny little super guy.

Hannah said...

Aww the room is so cute!

Hey that picture of you, I thought you were holding a posterboard or something and I was like man, Abby looks so skinny!

Seriously, I'm envious of your legs.