Monday, May 18, 2009


We spent another day at Ko Olina lagoon number 4 yesterday. Because it's a beach resort, if you don't get there super early, you don't get one of those pink passes that'll let you go to any of the lagoons. Instead, you'll be told to either turn around and try back later OR go to the marina. And by marina, they mean paid parking - $5 for 4 hours (half day) $10 for all day.

Little babies in floaties has to be one of the cutest things ever

little boy muscles are sweet

I bought Calix that telescope at the Lego store in Chandler, AZ. It cracks me up that he actually uses it. That little darling!

Orion used to Scuba dive off the coast of many glorious places. Since we've been together, he hasn't had an opportunity to pull his gear out. Except for yesterday when he got to use his fins and mask.

He's so danged cute.

random beach findings!


Orion's in the middle of this picture snorkeling

That's me way out there. I touched a buoy before heading back (and even though I knowwww there's probably no sea life in the lagoon..because it's so friggin deep out there, I get all scared that maybe..just maybe something like a shark or a jellyfish is swimming around under my feet and it gives me the oogies and only makes me want to stay for so long)

I'm still way out there..but I'm floating on my back. There's nothing quite like floating in the ocean.


if I could have a million of this man's babies..I would. I totally would. Just so I can watch him be a daddy to the small ones just a little bit longer. Flutter.

And I kid you not when I tell you there were TWO more weddings in the very same area while we were there yesterday. I really just hope the photographer was good enough to not get the random people in swimwear in the pictures.

Hey, so..I'm burnt!
'How burnt are you??'

Pretty burnt.
And the thing is? I used sunblock. SPF 50. WATERPROOF SPF 50. I applied some before I left. I applied more when we got there. And also after I got out of the water. And this? Still happened. I want a flipping recount. My babies are burnt (though not nearly as bad as me thank goodness) and so is Orion (also not nearly as bad as me). Nice.
Today is day one of a nothing but fresh fruits, vegetables, and water detox. Orion's playing along too!


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

it looks like you all had So much fun at the beach-it's so pretty! Man, abby, you are sunburned bad! OUCH! I just got some spf 50 sunscreen too (hope it works!)

Jenna Consolo said...

I think it's time to switch sunblock brands!

Poor Maddox has to wear those things? Embarrassing! :)

Looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

ugh I sooo wish I was there with you!! Although I don't envy your sunburn. Ha! ;-)

Sarah said...

OUCH! Abby! That makes me cringe!

I love the telescope! I giggled when I saw the pic. He looks like a pirate scoping out the ships nearby.

YogaNana said...

Lavender EO. Seriously.

Everything else looks likes tons of fun!

Mindy said...

Ok. I WAS envious of you, now... maybe not so much. OW! I hope it doesn't hurt as bad now as it did and you found something to give you a bit of relief!