Saturday, May 16, 2009


Let's see..what am I writing about today? I know I took pictures of dinner but what was it?

Ohhhh yeah. How could I forget?! Sweet Chili from RMK with Homesteader Cornbread (that I also folded sweet white corn into) from

it totally hit the spot and was super filling. I have a ton leftover. I'm thinking about bringing some of the homeless under the Nimitz highway some warm food tonight.

And for dessert I whipped up some Zucchini Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting also from RMK

Did you know the first time I had zucchini bread was at Jenna's? I crave it all the time now because of her. Super yummy!

Give these a whirl.

I woke up with a pretty nasty headache this morning. I called for my love to please bring me my meds and when he came up, he also set up the laptop for me so I could do my morning thing while waiting for my headache to subside. It was while I was waiting that I got the idea to head out to the beach. It just felt like a beach kind of a day and I know Calix has been asking to go for a while now. If you've been reading me for a while, you know how I feel about the beach. I love it..but it's messy. I'm too controlling for messes like that. Neat and tidy..neat and tidy!

But today was different. I wanted to go swim in the ocean suddenly..and honestly? I've NEVER done that. I've sat in the water many times, but I've never had the guts to just go for it. I'm not a super strong swimmer and it's intimidating to's so vast! But I wanted to. So before even discussing with with the family, I showered and put my suit on before heading downstairs with the boys' trunks and then announced that we're going to the beach. Cheers all around!

I packed a cooler with lunch. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches for the boys, turkey, cheddar cheese, and asparagus (I call it the 'United Airlines' because I had it last week on the plane and have been obsessed with it ever since) whole wheat wraps for me and the man. Bananas and juice boxes. We pulled out the beach bag that holds the sand buckets and towels and we headed out.

Because the real beaches are still a little scary for the boys..what with the waves and what not, we sometimes take them to different lagoons around the island. This one was at Ko'olina Beach Resort..and it's lagoon number 4.

The boys played in the sand while Orion and I were sprawled out on towels

I was talking Calix into getting some water in his bucket..and he was walking sooooo slow up to the water until Orion grabbed him and I grabbed Maddox and we headed in as a family.

After a while of the boys being in the water with us, Maddox started to fall asleep on me so I had Orion take them out of the water to go play or rest because I wanted to swim without a baby clinging to me. But they saw me swimming and freaked out. Like extra freaked out. Maddox started to run into the water to get me..and Calix followed him in. You should have seen this mommy move! I got to that kid so fast! Man oh man..he scared me. One stumble and he would have gone under!

I bounced around in the water with both of them for a little while before Orion came in and took both of them while I continued my swim.
Maddox pretended to sleep on towels while he secretly snuck sand into his mouth. I don't know what that kid's issue is. He wants to eat everything! Er, everything found in nature anyway. Rocks, sticks, leaves, grass, berries, bugs, and now sand. I don't know.
3 weddings happened while we were there. THREE! Good. Ness.
After everyone was done in the water, we stayed to dry off and then shook the sand from our bodies before loading up to head home. All of us tuckered out.
Ya know, part of me wants to be that easy going beach bum kind of girl. And I think that may be my goal this year. Seriously. Live it up beach style while we're here, ya know? I'm trying not to be so annoyed by the sand and I think today was a good start. I don't care that there's sand in the van. It needs to be vacuumed out anyway..pshh.
The boys are napping and I'm headed outside with a cold one to bask in the rays.
If you want to see more of the pictures from today, they're on Facebook.


YogaNana said...

Looks like a lovely Saturday!

Zucchini bread ... first time when you were a teenager? That puzzled me until I remembered that you weren't around during the Summer of the Great Zucchini Invasion. That would have been about 1977, I think. Everyone in the neighborhood planted zucchini and there is apparently no such thing as a bad zucchini harvest. Zucchini is the rabbit of the vegetable world. First we borrowed a cuisineart that was floating the neighborhood during the emergency and grated and bagged and stuffed the freezer, and still the zucchini came on. We were putting it in plain brown bags and leaving it on people's doorsteps and running, like they were huge green Valentines or heavy May Baskets, or -- no, something you leave on people's doorsteps anonymously because they don't want it. We won't say what springs to mind here. There was MUCH zucchini bread and zucchini cake and zucchini muffins and zucchini-masquerading-as-eggplant-in-eggplant-parmesan and grated zucchini lurking in meatloaf and meatballs that summer, I can tell you. :o)

Glad you've decided to enjoy the beach while you've got it.

Jenna Consolo said...

Abby, aren't those zucchini cupcakes with caramel frosting to die for? The first time I made them, I wanted to roll around in that frosting. So yummy.

I love chili and cornbread too. I made cornbread this week with a chicken pasta salad. Too hot here for chili, though I'd eat it anytime. Fam's not too crazy about it, except Lyns.

The beach sounds like fun. With more experience seeing you be a beach babe the boys will calm down and let you do your thing.

Sarah said...

So fun! I want to come borrow some beach! The chili and cornbread look super yummy...Josiah doesn't like chili though, so I don't make that sort of stuff. The cupcakes look scrum-did-li-ump-tious! Josiah prolly wouldn't eat those either though, cuz of the zucchini. I should just make them for me!