Friday, May 15, 2009


A couple of nights ago, I made my very first lemon meringue pie. As pretty as it, it was awful. I took a bite to try it out and then asked Orion to try it because maybe it tasted off because I'd just brushed my teeth or something. But he agreed that, yes, something was off. Yo, it was super lemony at first..and then? Then it was just eggs. Ew. I told you..awful. Worst. Pie. Ever.

Thing is, I know exactly where I messed up. And yet I still carried on with it like nothing happened. This pie was against me from the start. time. Next time, pie..I will get you. I will master you, pie..and then I'll eat you.

It ended up in the trash.

Something happened yesterday. Okay, see..I used to be a blonde haired kid..and it's been about that long since I've SEEN my real color. 12 years. TWELVE YEARS of random colors that look nothing like my own! Granted, it's been fun..but I think it's time to let it all grow back out. So. So, that's why I thought it was such a great idea yesterday after my shower to grab the hair cutting supplies and go at it. I didn't really have a plan..I just cut and whatever happened..happened. It's just hair, afterall, and it will grow back. Sure, Orion may have gotten a text message while at work telling him I needed his help with something..only to have him come home for lunch and I'm holding back what's left of my hair and cracking up. He's used to it by now. His wife goes a little silly and does drastic things..and sometimes he just needs to help her even out the back.

:( goodbye hairs

Now, there's only a couple of inches of dye still hanging on.. but I figure it'll all be gone in a few months. Ah, a clean slate.

Thing is, sure I had blonde hair as a kid..but I also had a fro. Let me just say that the fro is back and it's angry.

Things coming up in the near future:

On Monday I'm starting a fruit and vegetable detox. My plan is to do the 3 days that are recommended..but perhaps it'll extend to a week.

June 3rd-5th there's going to be a Strong Bonds marriage retreat at a swanky hotel on Waikiki. They do these from time to time because the divorce rate in the military is pretty high. Scarily high. Deployments are tough on both ends and a lot of the time, it proves to just be too much. You may have gone into your marriage with all of the best intentions and all kinds of love for one another..but when it comes to deployments and then EXTENDED deployments..things get tougher than many can handle. Births of new babies without the husband. Births of new babies that aren't even the husband's. Cheating. Lying. It happens. And sometimes? The spouse is just too stressed out with everything that's going on at home and taking care of everything on their own and having a husband (or wife) who doesn't call or write home as often as he (or she) should, that they just give up. It all happens.

So they do these retreats as a reconnection. Classes and activities and all expenses paid plus free childcare while the parents are in the classes and doing these activities that it's like..why not? Every marriage could use a little strengthening, right? Free? Something to do with Orion where I can bat my eyes flirtatiously at him? Totally. Count me in..sign me up. So, that'll be fun and perhaps the kids will make some friends and maybe Orion and I will maybe even meet a married couple or two that we want to invite over for dinner or drinks or something. I miss having friends. True story.

June 16th..our 4 year wedding anniversary. Oh my goodness, already? What do I get for the man of my heart when my pockets aren't as deep as his? Suggestions are always appreciated!

Okay, darlings..have a lovely!


Jenna Consolo said...

YOU ARE SO GUTSY!! And you always do a great job too! I would NEVER cut my own hair. Nor could I ever go back to my natural color, because that would be GRAY. Ugh.

The marriage retreat sounds like fun!

Hannah said...

My very first lemon meringue pie was horrible too. The lemon curd part was totally a runny mess. It took me years to try it again, but I did and it was delish. So don't give up! you're a rockin cook.

I had dyed my hair black a few years ago and let it stay for a while but quickly got sick of it. I tried growing it out until I met "Sweet Caroline" who does our hair. She tried to strip the color out but after 3 tries and it still not coming out, we juts cut it all off. So I could totally relate to your cutting you hair. Sometimes its nice to go back to square one, ya know.

The marriage retreat really sounds awesome! They pay for it too? Amazing. And I agree, every marriage could benefit from something like that, no matter how strong of a marriage you have. You guys have fun!