Thursday, April 09, 2009

Once upon a time, I lived with a pizza shop manager

This is my 666th post. Oooo OOOO ooooo!

Yesterday, the boys were asking me for pizza. Ya know..for lunch. And while I didn't make it for lunch (not enough time for the dough and what not), I kept their request in mind for dinner.

I pulled out the trusty recipes for Jay's Signature Pizza Crust (which is honestly, the best crust I've found yet. It's fabulous) and Exquisite Pizza Sauce. I like to sprinkle a little corn meal around on the bottom of the pan for that authentic pizzeria crust. The dough recipe makes 2 pizzas this size..or a huge cookie sheet..depending on your needs. I saved half of the dough and sauce to whip up another quick pizza..maybe today. Maybe tomorrow. Who knows.

Either way, this? Is yummy. Orion goes crazy every time I make this and then starts talking about how I should open up a pizza shop (but to be fair, he thinks I should open a bakery and a restaurant too. Here, let's open up a diner and make it all! haha). The boys, who hate everything, get quiet and gobble this up. For the little bit of time it takes for the dough and what's well worth the effort, every time.

...I just made this telemarketer woman crack up. She's talkin about sending me a diamond watch (right) and some magazines for $4.95 a week or whatever and I said I really didn't think I was interested and that even though it's only $4.95, my husband's in charge of finances these days so I would have to talk to him about it and she was all "oh, you wouldn't get in trouble?" and I started laughing "trouble? No..I'm not a little girl or anything! Ahhh hahahahaha!!!" and she's like "wait..wait..Abby..Abby..that's not what I..Abby, that's not what I meant!" and I'm still cracking up. Oh, golly.

Something cute? Something cute that I'm STILL so proud of myself for? Yesterday morning I did my normal workout routine (which involves running and walking and weights and sit ups and later on in the day I do some Wii aerobics.) while running? Er, jogging, I guess..because running too fast makes me asthmatic and I'm not into that whole thing because I like to feels great..but not breathing isn't fun. Anyway, I ran/jogged a mile in 7 minutes and 28 seconds! I was so insanely proud of myself that I dang near broke down and cried. I ran for 10 minutes straight and ended up doing 1.32 miles, which I think is pretty dang good for a chubby girl. I was dripping with sweat and!

I'm trying not to write or talk about working out in general because it seems like every time I tell people what's going on, I stop. I'm not allowed to stop this time. My doctor has ordered me to drop 20 pounds asap and so I'm trying. The kids are of the ages where I can finally get on the treadmill while they're awake and they won't bother me (for the most part) or try to crawl onto or touch the machine while it's on thus making me want to not do it while they're awake and then it being too loud of a thing to do while they're napping. No excuses anymore. I've used it all week with very few problems.

So I don't want to talk about it but I was proud about the mile thing because even as a teenager in school, I would haul butt around the track and be the first to cross the line (thought I had to otherwise I would never make a good enough time) and then I'd speed walk the 2nd the 3rd and do a mixture of running/walking the last lap and I'd still come in at like 13 minutes and be so asthmatic and half dead that the nurse would send me home from school like..every time. I didn't know I didn't have to run like the wind in order to get a good time. I'm learning more about my body's capabilities as I'm getting older and I could just kick my younger self for never running at a steady pace the whole time. Because with how many miles I had to re-do? It's ridiculous. The siblings who lived at home at the time can probably remember how much I complained about "the mile".

Jolly good.


Jenna Consolo said...

That pizza looks amazing. I wish I had time to make one NOW.

I also wish you wouldn't stop talking about working out because it inspires me! Amazing that you ran a mile in that time. Good for you. I'm so proud of you!

Hannah said...

Congrats on your run time! I thought I was doing good with my running but it's really a slow jog. Anything faster than like 4mph would just about kill me I'm sure. You inspire me too Abs! Keep it up. Oooh ooh, take a before and after pic of your body!! That would be rad