Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I'm so excited! Tomorrow, I'm finally making the move and purchasing a new camera. An SLR. A digital SLR. I've never used one but I'm confident I'll pick it up fairly easily. I'm so excited! I've decided on the Nikon D60 body (if I had endless amounts of money, I'd get a higher model..but ya know)..I'm getting 2 lenses, a tripod, remote (as we discovered'd be nice to have one so there's not a ton of running to hit the timer), Photoshop Elements and, of course, 2 For Dummies books on the two main items. I'll need help..I already know. Even though I like to explore and push buttons to see what they do, it'd be nice to have something tell me what those things actually DO.

It was important to me to get a new camera before Micah and Kaiti's wedding (even though I know they have someone else arranged for photos) because I wanted to learn as much as I could and play with it as much as possible until then because I totally want awesome pictures from this trip. Not just their wedding (though if I get just 1 fantastically wonderful shot that the other person missed, I'll feel like it's all worth it)..but Colorado in the fall?? Please. Absolutely gorgeous. I'll be taking advantage of that whole..season thing while I can.

Photography means a lot to this girl. I've been thinking about maybe opening a studio or something someday. Wouldn't that be nice? Oh, man. Exciting! Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.

Anyway! Dinner last night was Chicken Stroganoff from (but after looking it up, it's pretty much the same as the Creamy Italian Chicken on RMK)

It was pretty yummy..but I think I'd thin the sauce out a little more next time.

There's an Easter egg hunt tonight down at Fort Shafter. O's going after work to look at a if he gets home with enough time for dinner and heading out without being late and if the boys are well behaved, we're probably going to go. If they're testy today, it's not a huge loss to not go because we're doing an egg hunt here on Sunday anyway and they don't eat a lot of it's it really worth it to go? We'll see.

Anyway..time to get on the treadmill. Doctor's orders.


Hannah said...

You would be a wonderful photgrapher Abby. Your pictures are gorgeous!

Jenna Consolo said...

I LOVE that you're having fun in the kitchen with new recipes. Looks very yummy. I liked the Creamy Italian Chicken, so if they're about the same, very cool.

A new camera! You're so lucky! You would be a great photographer. Look into taking some classes if you can. That would be a fun for-you kind of thing to do. Maybe someday you WILL have your own studio. That would be awesome!

YogaNana said...

You *are* a good photographer -- congratulations on the beautiful new toy!