Saturday, April 11, 2009


Okaaayyyy, I'll give workout updates. Today is day 5 of butt busting with no signs of slowing down! So far this is how it's been going.. On Tuesday I did a mile and then 50 sit ups and 20 tricep curls with my little 3 pound weights on each arm. Wednesday I did 1.7 miles, 100 sit ups, 25 curls on each arm and then I ran for 10 minutes later on. Thursday I did 2 miles, 150 sit ups, 30 curls on each arm. Yesterday I did 2.5 miles, 200 sit ups and 35 curls on each arm (which Orion was super impressed about because he was actually home and saw how dizzy and headachey and...flowy I was and didn't think I'd actually still outdo what I'd done the day before..but I did and it felt *great*). Keep in mind all of those days I was also still doing Wii Fit but mostly the aerobics section. It's been good..and I feel fantastic! We have a lot of stuff going on today so I'll see what I can get done before we head out (er prior to heading out because of shower and what not. No one needs to see a sweaty red faced girl).

So dinner last night was an experiment. I had frozen ravioli and decided to put a twist on vegetarian chicken carbonara (which is weird because I use vegetarian chicken..but real bacon. Look, it tastes good.). I'd never heard of ravioli chicken I gave it a whirl:

It was super extra delicious like yummy whoah.

And while Orion was out checking out another motorcycle I decided to attempt the Eclairs from RMK and after a little confusion in her recipe (like it says water, butter, salt, and flour in the ingredients list but in the directions it mentions sugar and I was all "???" so I asked her and before she could get back to me I looked it up on and no, in fact, there is no sugar in the pastry recipe) and thinking my house was going to catch on fire (all of the extra grease from the cookie sheets was burning off like CRAZY. Like, I'm surprised the smoke alarms didn't go off)..I think they turned out pretty well. They're messy to make (piping the filling) but worth it in the end. I also didn't have a #10 tip so I seriously just poured the mixture into a piping bag and squeezed it out with no tip. So I think maybe they're smaller than they should be? But they're like..cute mini eclairs..and PS..if I left them in the oven for the 30-35 minutes she suggests..they would have been burned to a crisp. It took probably 12-15 minutes. Glad I kept an eye on the smokey oven! (I haven't had issues like that since I was pregnant with Maddox and was making a pumpkin cheesecake in a gingersnap crust..which was yummy..but that one actually DID set the smoke alarms off. Am I doing something wrong or something???)

Don't you just wanna take a bite?? It's okay, little eclairs..all of the trouble was worth it. You are worth it, eclairs. You are worth it.


Hannah said...

Holy crap woman!! You are amazing with the workouts! I can't believe how much you are running. Way to go.

Mmmmm. Eclairs. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

Saint Holiday said...

You think like I think: "Let's see, if I burn off 10,000 calories with extremely excessive workouts, I can add 10,000 calories of CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS to my diet plan." Hah! I love it. My daughter; the brilliant one. I love you.


Abby said...

Haha dad, I wouldn't exactly say I workout so I can stuff my face with eclairs. Oh, in a perfect world though. A perfect world. I usually sample the yummies I make but leave it up to the husband and children and sometimes people at the office to actually eat them. I mostly just like to play around in the kitchen!

Jenna Consolo said...

I've been wanting to try those eclairs too...thanks for the tips.

And that kind of increase in your workouts is incredible. You're amazing. I'm glad you're feeling so good. :) Happy Easter!

YogaNana said...

Oh, just proud of you all the way around!