Monday, April 13, 2009


I'm trying to get the hang of Photoshop Elements 7..I just wanna dive right in and press buttons. I need to read some books on it first, I think. I'm just excited!

I love UPS..did you know this? I'm waiting for that big lovely brown truck to bring me a package! A package containing a glorious new camera..buttons to push! Come onnnn, UPS! Mama is waiting!

Easter..Easter. Let's see. On Saturday we dyed eggs

Maddox smashed 3 eggs. Dropping them from high heights into the dye tends to do that to an egg. Such a boy!

Calix had so much fun!

Calix with one of his eggs

...we're not the most talented of families with the egg dyeing. Nope. But we try anyway! The first 3 on top are mine..the last 3 are Orion's..the two orange ones are Maddox's..the other one he did was just unsavable. Calix did the last two in the carton plus the one he's holding in that picture up there ^^

The majority of our actual Easter pictures are on Facebook and I think all of you are my friends on there. I think? I might post them here later on anyway..but I am tired tired tired! I was yawning WAY too much this morning so I literally had to push myself to get on the treadmill when it would have been so much easier to just close my eyes and nap for a few minutes. Ah, Monday. But I got it done anyway and feel good about that. Orion came home from PT in the middle of my workout and so when I was done I had to give him a big sweaty hug. He does it to me ALL the you know what? No. Come here and get some love! Hehehe.

I don't normally make a big Easter dinner..and I don't like ham all that we did Crock Pot Roast from RMK sans the onion soup mix because I just couldn't find it in the commy last time we were there..but figured there were so many other spices going in that it wouldn't be a huge deal. It wasn't a huge deal. Yo, straight up? This is SO friggin delicious, it's sick. Orion and I were like..dying from the yummy-ness of it all. Out of control tender and insanely flavorful. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Seriously. And then of course with the mashed potatoes from scratch and I used some of the juices from the roast to make the gravy (which I've honestly never done before) was a little spicy (if your kids aren't into that whole thing..) but we thought it was extra yum. I think I might try a roast version of shepherd's pie with the leftovers..see how that works out.

I snapped a really quick picture because yo, I was so hungry from smelling it cook all day and waiting..and waiting..and waaaiiittttiinnggg. Get in my mouth, roast! Get in my mouth!! K, sorry.
I kept saying I would have done Grams VanSciver proud. I really would have.

It looks a little weird..but don't mind was too delicious to feel like worrying about appearances. When you're that scrumptious, you can look like slop and get away with it. Really.

Hey, Ash! Happy birthday, little man! 8! I can't believe it!


Michele said...

We're not friends on facebook! Add meeee! please? :)

Michele said...

ps- that roast looks so GOOD!

Sarah said...

YUN! I love roast and that does look good!

Sarah said...

er, YUM*

Hannah said...

Mmmm I adore pot roast. Mike tolerates it. But I make him tolerate several times a month. Mmmhmm. Yes I do. I also always use the leftovers for shepherds pie. It's scrumptious. Plus Mike really likes it so he etra tolerates the pot roast cuz he knows the next day it will be shepherds pie night. WooHoo!!

Jenna Consolo said...

I love pot roast too. Did you use your crock pot? I make shepherd's pie with the leftovers too! So good.

I love the pics of the boys dyeing their eggs. Calix's stained fingers are so cute!

YogaNana said...

I saw the FB pictures but I like having them here, too -- they're more accessible. Or something.

Waiting for the nice UPS truck, ah yes! It must be fun to have a job that is so much about bringing people things they want. Wonder if Mike feels that way? Looking forward to your toy vicariously!

Raelene said...

Abby, you reminded me of one of my favorite songs!
O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street,
Oh please let it be for me!
O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street,
I wish, I wish I knew what it could be!

First Voice:
I got a box of maple sugar on my birthday.

Second Voice:
In March I got a gray mackinaw.

Third Voice:
And once I got some grapefruit from Tampa.

Fourth Voice:
Montgom'ry Ward sent me a bathtub and a cross-cut saw.

O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' now
Is it a prepaid surprise or C.O.D.

Fifth Voice:
It could be curtains!

Sixth Voice:
Or dishes!

Seventh Voice:
Or a double boiler!

Eighth Voice:
Or it could be

Yes, it could be
Yes, you're right it surely could be

Eighth Voice:
Somethin' special

Somethin' very, very special now

Eighth Voice:
Just for me!

O-ho the Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin' down the street.
Oh, don't let him pass my door!
O-ho the Wells Fargo
Wagon is a-comin' down the street
I wish I knew what he was comin' for.

Ninth Voice:
I got some salmon from Seattle last September.

Tenth Voice:
And I expect a new rockin' chair.

Eleventh Voice:
I hope I get my raisins from Fresno.

The D.A.R. have sent a cannon for the courthouse square.

O-ho the Wellth Fargo Wagon ith a-comin' now,
I don't know how I can ever wait to thee.
It could be thumpin' for thumone who is
No relation but it could be thump'n thpethyul
Just for me!

O-ho, you Wells Fargo Wagon keep a-comin'
O-ho, you Wells Fargo
Wagon, keep a-comin'.
O-ho you Wells Fargo Wagon, Don't you dare Mae a stop
Until you stop for me!

Saint Holiday said...

OOOH, mashed potatoes & corn! My favorites! Hey, has anyone seen my pet cow? She's not out in the pasture, where she usually is. Daisy! Daisy! Where are you, ole girl? Mom, have you seen Daisy? I have some alfalfa for her. I always scratch her head before dinner. Where could she be?