Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Random picture of the day:

Calix thinks it's his job to get a quick breakfast before mom can make something more delicious. This? Drives me crazy.

Also..Happy birthday, Cramer!!!


Jenna Consolo said...

Hey, at least your cupboards are meticulously organized.

Abby said...

The one above it isn't so much anymore. It's a total wreck. I've made room in another cupboard for canned goods because my baking supplies and things of that nature are just totally taking over the one they're in now.

I just need to get the oomph to fix it!

Hannah said...

Ugh, my kids do this all the time!! I hate it! I mean, I appreciate the fact that they want to let me sleep in a little bit but as soon as I'm up they're asking for something that will actually fill their tummies. And I'm like "if you just would have been patient, I would have fed you and you wouldn't have ruined your breakfast with granola bars!"

Looks like someone shops at Costco?

Abby said...

Exactly! It's like..while I appreciate that he's capable of fending for himself..those quick somethings are just not filling and then he's asking for snacks like an hour after he's eaten! Just hold your horses, little man..I'll feed you.

You caught me! Not Costco..but Sam's Club. Same thingggggg.