Friday, March 27, 2009

Thoughts and Random

Awww, my first blog post using Orion's laptop. Precious. It won't be long though because I am SO not used to little keyboards like this. I'm mostly a strictly desktop kind of girl. Though I won't lie when I admit it's nice to finally have a wireless connection so while he's playing Flight Simulator X on my computer..I can nerd it up and fall in love with him all over again while curled up under a blanket on the couch reading The Pioneer Woman's love saga with her Marlboro Man: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels on his computer. I'm on chapter 40 of like the 43 she currently has typed out. The rest of her blogging space is awesome, too. Fantastically delicious looking recipes complete with pictures..her photography..her decorating (oh my gosh the ranch house is a DREAM) ..there's even a homeschooling section. She's basically the person I am in my fantasies haha. Orion likes her blog because I love on him more while I read her story. I meet him at the door after he gets off of work and I hug and kiss all over him. He has no complaints. Her story and the way she describes early love (I really liked the part about how she described how it feels to be proposed to. It brought me back and I smiled because I KNEW that floaty out of body feeling she talked about. How it felt to go upstairs a few minutes after midnight that New Year's Eve to see mom and David holding one another in the kitchen and announce "I'm engaged! He asked me to marry him!" before heading outside to set off firecrackers. That..'is this really happening to me right now???' feeling.) just reminds me so much of the beginning of me and O, ya know? I've always been in love with this man of mine..but I fall even harder for him on the daily because of the reminders she gives me in her story. I'm nerdy, I told you.

That's what I've been doing. When I'm not on facebook checking stuff out..or being a mom here at home..I'm on Ree's site. I just adore her.

That was a longer blurb about her than I meant to give out.

There were other cute things I was going to write about. Like yesterday when Maddox was sitting on the couch with his Cocoa Monkey (O's mom sent him this stuffed monkey for his birthday and she'd named him/her/it for Maddox) and after hugging it he looked it in the face and said "hello, Cocoa Monkey. What are you doing here?" and I laughed and wanted to squeeze him because that's so awesomely cute!

Or how every time Orion's getting ready to leave for work in the morning and he's giving everyone hugs and kisses, Maddox asks him if he has his coffee. He's like "have coffee? Daddy! Have coffee? Coffee? Okay! Drive safe! Love you!" The kid makes me laugh.

Orion has a 4 day weekend.

Both boys have diaper rashes from eating raisins.

I dyed my hair yesterday but it mostly didn't DYE my hair..just colored my grays (oh my gosh the GRAYS!!) and left my roots basically untouched and makes me feel jipped but grateful for the gray coverage at least because THE GRAYS!!!

My doctor's appointment is still scheduled for Monday because every time I'd call, the earliest they could get me in would be LATER than my 11am appointment on Monday and..fine, I'll just take Monday.

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