Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I think I'm just going to start calling these posts by date because coming up with titles is annoying to the non-creative minded. 3-31-09

Things I'm trying to accomplish today:

  • Make the 2 week dinner plan. Two versions. One for if I end up with a crock pot today and one for if I don't.

  • Compile shopping lists based on both versions.

  • Make an Easter shopping list. Basket fillings and egg hunt requirements.

  • Go through the boys' clothes..again and get rid of stuff they've outgrown *again*

  • Go through the boys' toys and get rid of anything they're too old for and the random stuff. I feel like we donate their old toys ALL the time and we don't buy them new toys (except for birthdays and Christmas and even then they don't get much in the toy department)..but there are toys FOREVER flooding their room.

  • Donate all of excess to Goodwill.

  • Go grocery shopping and Sam's Club shopping (or one of those)

  • Feed family. A few times.

  • And somewhere in there I need to clean up the house and give naps and do another round of the Epley Maneuver (which is NOT fun) and baths and and and..

But in the meantime..Calix thinks he's a model (he takes after me that way. Ya know, in the thought department).

Maddox, however, does not. He whined and pushed the camera out of the way. Like an angry celebrity.

And then he ran away to hide.

So there's that. And I just got the text message that yes, indeed, there will be a crock pot purchased today. Woo!!! I'm so excited ya'll have no idea!


Mindy said...

Girl, I can't live without my crock-pot! I probably use it at least 2 times a week for dinner and once for dessert!

Yay you!

I hope you get a call soon letting you know that they have all the answers to why you are having all these things going on, and all you have to do to solve them all is just go outside in the sunshine 10 minutes a day more than you have been. Wouldn't that be great?

Hilary said...

I got a crock pot as a wedding gift... and I've used it twice. What a shame, huh?

Sarah said...

I hate coming up with titles too!

I should follow your list, I could really use doing alot of those things!

Yay for getting a crockpot! I need a bigger one! :(

Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, Abby! You got a crock pot! I was shocked that you didn't have one. Once you start using it you will seriously wonder how you ever got along without it. I have many favorite recipes in the crock pot, and I'm willing to share! You'll love it! I hope you got a big enough one, and one that the crock lifts out separately.

The pics of the boys are hysterical.

Are you using any recipes from Real Mom Kitchen? Which ones? Email me!