Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Of Scones and Butter

I love when days like this happen! Jenna was talking about Real Mom Kitchen on her blog today..and while I've browsed around that blog before, I kept telling myself I should go back and REALLY look at it. So when Jenna did her post today, I went. I listen sometimes. I found a BUNCH of new recipes I want to try out on the family..but for a lot of them I'll need to go buy a crock pot finally. I need one anyway (now I just need to convince Orion of that). So looking at RMK, I got all of the "I must cook NOW" tingles..and I get so excited when I get those, you have no idea. YES! I WANT TO COOK! WOOO!!!!! A lot of the time I cook because I need to feed my family..but the rest of the time I do because I have that *want*. Well, I had it today and I was like a kid in a candy store with all of these new recipes!

I already had dinner set in my mind. Homemade pizza using Jay's Signature Pizza Crust and Exquisite Pizza Sauce (because I've said it before and I'll say it again.. I'm not into jarred sauce. I'd rather take the little bit of extra time and make my own. A little extra love!)..but I wanted something I could make right then and there..take advantage of this urge. So, I decided on German Scones with Cinnamon Honey Butter

The dough..ready for rising (I think I would add another 1/4-1/2 cup of flour next time because it just wasn't work-able this way..but I wanted to stay with the recipe just to see because who am I to tell dough it's not good enough? But needed more flour worked in after it rose)

ready for the cinnamon honey butter!

the dough all risen and chilled and what not

frying up! That pan is ollddd. All of my pots and pans are though. I have my mom's hand-me-downs. I'm totally holding out for Calphalon that's why I still use the old ones (I'm smart enough to know if I give in and get a cheap set..Orion will tell me I don't NEED Calphalon because I just got another set and NO! I will NOT set myself up for that one. So I wait.). I'm also still holding out for a Kitchenaid mixer and I will not replace my weakling hand mixer until that day. *sigh*

the cinnamon honey butter all whipped up and delicious

The German Scones..all fried up and drained and delicious! Scones in waiting! (except that I've never had fried scones before this. I wasn't aware that scones could BE fried..but whateva..I don't complain. says that's how they're done in Utah or something. Cool.)

The kids and I totally had to try them out before clean up could begin! And man oh man..they sure are scrumptious!


Saint Holiday said...

Wheeze Louise! What is it with my kids and food lately!? Every post is about wonderful food, complete with pictures. Oatmeal & soup, that's all I get. Oatmeal, as if I were a horse. Soup, as if I were lined up in the Great Depression. Oatmeal and soup, that's it, Abby. Oh, and copious amounts of water. The slobations at City Hall have all these weight loss contests, and an assortment of wonderful prizes are offered for the ones who lose the most weight. I've complained about the blatant discrimination, because nothing is offered to us ectomorphs, no cash prizes, no gym memberships, no three days and three nights in Las Vegas, no fruit baskets or gift certificates for Lane Bryant, no nothing. But it's like talking into a well; no one listens; no one cares. Let me tell you, young lady, it's not pleasant being subject to such invidious discrimination. But suffering is my middle name, as is well known in our mutual circles. Scones! When's the last time I had one of those babies? I think it was back in the Carter administration. Eat them while you can, while there are still bees on the earth, but, please, think of your poor, old, fading father as you savor every bite. Think of him with his frayed pant legs, staring into the gate of eternity. Get someone to wipe the oatmeal off my face. My time is about up. I don't have even one youthful indiscretion left in me. It's getting dark.

Po' Daddly

YogaNana said...

Those look fantastic! They also look like what I used to make but those were called sopapillas and they came from a Mexican cookbook. Must be the German version. :o) We sliced the end open while it was very hot and dropped in some butter and honey. No cinnamon.

I love recognizing your kitchen and your red bowl and your pan. Check Amazon once in awhile for Calphalon pans on super-duper discount -- that's how I got mine.

Michele said...

OMG. You are killing me! Do you hear me? I am dying a slow death over here. I've never heard of frying scones either, but it's pure genius!

Hannah said...

Look mighty tasty Abby!

For my kitchenaids, the first one I dropped a hint to my mother in law who went and got me one for Christmas. The other one I asked Mike while he was sleeping. hehehe! That was funny.

You'll get your's one of these days. Amazon does run really awesome deals on them throughout the year.

Jenna Consolo said...

Hey Abs! Aren't there so many yummies over there? I want to make these scones too. I've made something similar to them, but I want to try her recipe. I LOVE scones. I also make my own doughnuts, fried, which are SO good.

And I'm with ya. I'm holding out for a Kitchen Aid someday. :)

Abby said...

Mama, yeah..I don't know what's really German about's just their weirdo name. If I balled them up and rolled them around in sugar, I could EASILY call them malasadas. They're just yummy though. And that cinnamon honey butter is to die for. I've honestly never had flavored butter worried me. But I'm totally into it now!

I have a set of Calphalon pans on my Amazon wish list so I've been keeping an eye on the price fluctuations..but because of Orion's fandangled spending plan..I can't even try to buy them until the more important household stuff has been purchased first (like fire extinguishers.). I hate that I can't just buy stuff on a whim anymore :( But ya know, I have to give O props because he knows what he's doing and for the first time since we've been together (so ever), we have money in 5 different savings accounts and everything is budgeted for. I can't complain about not having Calphalon pans or a Kitchenaid mixer because he's setting aside like $250 a month so I can go to Colorado and see my brother get married (and see everyone else and have "a vacation from my problemssss!!"). He has a surgery fund set up for me so I can get my work done. So if I need to wait a few months for those lovely pans or that gorgeous mixer..I will. ...I will. *sigh*

YogaNana said...

Yup, you got a good one there! :o)