Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I was up half of the night. In bed. Curled up into a ball. And then when that hurt, I would uncurl myself..stretch..roll over to the other side and curl back up. I need to call the appointment line this morning and see if they have anything earlier than the 30th. People cancel all the time..surely I can get in to be seen today or tomorrow, right? Something just isn't right with me. And I hate that this blog has been filled with so much drama and health related issues and what not lately..and trust that I'm really not trying to add to that (even though if you were to ask me, I'd tell you I was probably dying. I like to keep it classy like that).

I've had pretty bad cramps all weekend. Still nothing. Not since January. My lower back on my left side has had a sharp ache all weekend. Even though I'm a tad chubby these days (I'm getting better!) usually even when I lay down on my back, my stomach flattens. Usually I can even see some hip bones sticking out a little. All night? My stomach was swollen. And toughened. And ached.

As Orion was heading out the door for PT at 6am..he leaned down to give my normally sleeping body a kiss. But this time I spoke and told of my intention to call and try to reschedule for sooner and beg for an ultrasound. There is SOMETHING going on and I want answers. Immediately. (He, of course, wants to just rush me to the ER and be fixer man. "help! wife! broken! fix now!")

I have a feeling I'll be saying I told you so. But for now, I'm frustrated.


Sarah said...

Hmm! Yeah, I'd say try and get in asap. That doesn't sound like fun! Keep us posted. Love you, Abby!

Jenna Consolo said...

I hope you get in soon. That doesn't sound right, even the fact that you haven't had a period since January. Something is up.

Hilary said...

Something is definitely up. I hope it's not bad news though :( You don't need any more of that!

It's now Thursday... did you get in????