Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chocs and Docs

I finished dipping the other cake bite things on Friday..and had leftover chocolate so I was going around looking for other things to dip. I remembered how Hannah and her friend Maggie used to fill big marshmallows up with a bit of chocolate and sell them at school. Like..2 for a quarter or something (I bought them like every time, too.). I was all..hey.. I have marshmallows..let's do a throw back from the day..ya know, kind of. So Hannah, these aren't gorgeous or anything..but these remind me of you and Maggie everytime I take a bite (actually, I've banned the rest of the family from eating them. They can eat the other treats..but leave these for me. They have a special place in the belly of my heart).

And of course I had white I dipped half of the marshmallows in those as well (the fam are welcome to eat these as I don't love white chocolate too much. It reminds me of Easter in Jersey and kind of gives me a headache. Cream soda gives me a headache too.)

And of course the other cake bite things..half were also done in white chocolate. Don't mind the smears haha..they were in the fridge and still setting when I took this.

Off topic now..this morning, I was doing Wii yoga and was in the middle of doing the sun salutation when I noticed Maddox next to me copying the moves. Ya know, kind of. Orion snapped this picture..what a cutie!

In other news, I went to the eye doctor yesterday for a new contacts prescription because lately, I can't have them in for more than an hour or 2 before my eyes are so dry and begging to be set free. So they set me up with a new kind of contacts and a special cleanser and I'm supposed to go back next week to find out how they've been working for me. So that's cool. But while I was there and they were doing my eye exams and what not..they *really* looked at my eyes. Like more than any eye doctor ever has before and noticed I have drusen (the dictionary says: "an eye disease resulting from small accumulations of hyaline bodies underneath the retina" Wikipedia says: "Drusen (singular, "druse") are tiny yellow or white accumulations of extracellular material that build up in Bruch's membrane of the eye. The presence of a few small ("hard") drusen is normal with advancing age, and most people over 40 have some hard drusen.") now I need to set up an appointment with a retinal specialist to check me out and determine if they're just drusenoids (smaller and not really a big deal) or if I'm on my way to macular degeneration. Ya the age of 26. Which is way too young for this sort of thing I'm told. He was pretty concerned. He also said that preeclampsia (what I had while pregnant with Calix) can cause them (drusen..keep up) and obviously high blood pressure (have you been paying attention? I have high blood pressure.) and he seriously strongly suggested I not have anymore kids because of this. Ya know..death to me or baby or both and/or the loss of my vision or something. Never would have thought it would be my eye doctor suggesting no more babies..but he really sounded concerned for me (and he was like..the coolest eye doctor EVER). So I suppose when I go in for my actual blood results appointment on the 30th and I see my REAL doctor for those (I asked not to see the other doctor in training lady for this one because she has a serious issue with returning phone calls and I'm not into that sort of thing. I don't care HOW many patients you have..act like you care) and so I'll ask about what he thinks about the whole baby issue. Because yes, when I went to my first appointment when I was pregnant with Maddox, they suggested THEN that I not really..ya know..have anymore babies after him because the little ones tend to put a strain on my body. But I'm stubborn and of course I STILL want my girl..but that may not happen. Ever. But let's not be too dramatic here and say we'll just wait to see what the doctor says about that whole thing.

Because if I were being overly dramatic, I'd be screaming about how I'm going blind at a way too early age and I can never have babies again and AHHH! Oh help. Let me grab up my babies and look them deep in the face and tell them I love them and want to remember what their small faces look like. (I actually did this. Don't judge.)

Whatever. Nothing's for sure yet..just lettin everyone know what was said and that I'm going to be getting real answers soon.

I guess I can look on the bright side and say that after the eye doctor guy gave me all of this horrible news..he looked at my eyes all close and said "wow, you have gorgeous eyes" yeah..thanks. Haha..aww.

Have a lovely day!


Hannah said...


Hahaha! That's so great! We were serious about those babies. We would get regular orders at school for them and spend days after school at Maggie's whipping them up.

Jenna Consolo said...

All the treats look delicious.

Do not stress out, Abby. If there is a little girl in heaven for you (or another boy, even!) then she will come to you. It will work out. But you will need to exercise faith in that and do whatever is in your power to strengthen your body and get well. To the max. No fooling around with your health, future babies or no. We need YOU, and you deserve health. Claim it.

I love you. (and despite the drama? This post was funny.)

YogaNana said...

I have to find you a copy of "Chocolate: The Consuming Passion," by Sandra Boynton. The issue of white *chocolate* is dealt with nicely.

Glad you're getting on top of your health issues!