Thursday, April 02, 2009

Too Fat to Bleed

I'm sitting on the exam table when the doctor walks in..with a student person, too. Great. The room is too small so the kids can't come in, too. They're plopped in their stroller just outside the open door. They want to close the door but I say "I have a blog. Everyone knows my problems anyway." and that got a laugh so the door stayed open. Whatever. After talking and doing an examination of the female parts..he started to squish around on my tummy and asked if we were trying to get pregnant. Not really, no..but we weren't really preventing it, either. He asked me if my blood pressure's always been a little high and I said not until I got pregnant with the first baby. He asked what I weighed before babies and I said 150-155. He understood then why it is I'm 4 months late. Apparently? My body doesn't like being heavier (hey, we have that in common!) and it agrees that if I lose a lot of weight, it will go right on back to working like a good little body.

Let me ask you something. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have your doctor tell you in front of your husband, kids, a nurse, a training doctor and an outside looking in version of yourself that wants so much for this speech to be over that you're basically too fat to bleed? Yeah. He didn't use those words. He wasn't one of THOSE doctors. He was super nice and let me down as easily as he could. Lose weight and it'll lower my blood pressure and put me back on track.

It's so much easier said than done.

But for now, he put me on a week long pill to basically force me to bleed and shed those layers. This'll be fun. Thank goodness I shop at Sam's Club, know what I'm sayin? Shoot.


Jenna Consolo said...

As tragic as this must have been for you, you sure tell it funny! I'm cracking up over here.

Let the floods begin!

YogaNana said...

Well, if that's what it takes -- you can do it.

Hilary said...

Has anyone ever checked to see if you have PCOS? I have it and it is/was the source of a lot of my issues.

I'm assuming he gave you Provera? I was taking that stuff monthly because I wasn't having cycles on my own. It's not too bad really.

Abby said...

What's PCOS?

He put me on Progesterone for a week. Said he didn't want to put me on any birth control because my blood pressure is high and that'll only make it higher (and the one that doesn't makes me bleed every 2 weeks as we've already figured out lol).