Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I think I can I think I can

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Bakerella's blog and saw these really cute cupcake pops that have become famous. Hey say..those are cute! So of course I wanted to try them out. I picked up the majority of the items at the commissary but hadn't yet been to Walmart or a craft store to pick up the chocolate coverings and those mini cookie cutters (I have a total of 3 cookie cutters. A Santa hat, a Christmas tree, and a heart. Seriously.)..and frankly, I just wanted to try them out on some sort of a level. Now. There is no time to wait even another must be done this very second!

I do things like this when I get those spurts of homemaker-ness. I'm not like that all the time. At all. I want to be..I do. But I go through such fluctuations that I have roughly a week and a half..sometimes 2 weeks where I WANT to do cute stuff before my..whatever..sets in and I'm like..' know I said I was going to make dinner but I just can't make myself..grrrrrr'. It's weird..but it's just how things are around here..and I'm sorry for that. But if you get me on a good day? You REALLY get me on a good day. I'm like super extra wonder woman times 10. At least. I look forward to those sorts of days.

So I'm still working on getting back to being that kind of girl right now (when I'm open and talk about this sort of stuff out loud, please know it makes me feel like I'm crazy). we speak. So last night when the urge hit to get up and just go start the cake..I listened. When my small beaten down inside self said I could manage to shred the cake to bits and mix in the can of frosting..I obliged. If I've managed to get this far..surely I can roll them all up and stick them in the fridge to set up overnight. Yes..yes, I can do that. And I did.

So this morning, I saw all of those neatly rounded balls on parchment paper waiting for the next step. Because I never picked up chocolate coating..I needed to improvise. I double checked with Hannah on the possibility of using melted Hershey's bars for dipping (clearly, I know it melts..just wasn't positive of it's coating capabilities) because I had a few in the pantry leftover from s'mores. I decided to paint the chocolate on instead of dipping so that's why they're not perfectly smooth or anything. But I think they turned out pretty decently for the first batch (I ran out of chocolate and have like 30 more to do. Perhaps tomorrow) and my first try.

Awww. But only eat 1 because whoah on the calories. Whoah.


Jenna Consolo said...

Okay, I just spent 15 minutes browsing that site and oh my gosh! They are so darling! And what could be better than a bite of cake, frosting, chocolate, and candy all in one! What a cute idea! I love it! And I would have eaten 1. (dozen).

And Abby? I have those days too.

Hannah said...

They look great Abby! Nice job.

YogaNana said...

Oh, if I could eat those, you know I would! They look and sound like ecstasy. :o)