Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekends are for playing

There's this awesome playground where Orion works. Like literally right outside of his building. The kids have been asking to go and play there for a while now..but it's been closed off for repairs or whatever. Since yesterday was so gorgeous and the park was back to being operable..we loaded up and headed out after naps.

isn't that awesome??!

And that red face meant it was time to pack up and head on home for some yummy dinner.

It was a very lovely weekend and I'm sad that it's over so soon. Last night, Orion and I finally lugged the crapped out bookcases out to the curb and managed to get that huge armoire into the van to be donated to Goodwill later on today. I love having my living room back! There's so much more room! I could do back flips if I knew how! It makes me want to sprawl out on the floor and roll all over the place haha. But, today I'm sick with a cold or something. I feel pretty yucky and mostly just want to sleep it off. Oh, in a perfect world, right?


Jenna Consolo said...

Maddox is getting such a big boy face! Red cheeks are cute! And that playground is a DREAM! Nice!

Sarah said...

FUN! I can see why they were begging to go play there! It's huge!

Saint Holiday said...

Let's see, what did I have to play on, when I was a kid? Trees, lots of trees. Trees to climb and fall out of. Ah! I also had the flagpole in front of Mildred Magowan Elementary School. I knew Mrs. Magowan, the first principal of that school. She held me on her lap in 1956 and gave me a lollypop. Soon thereafter, she croaked from cancer. We all gathered in front of the school and planted a tree in her memory, and the name of the school was changed to honor her. I served hard time there, kindergarden through 8th grade, and am a better man for it. Anyway, near that memorial tree was and is a flagpole. I could take the flag rope, run on top of the wall nearby holding the rope and fly out like a wild maniac, around and around the pole. I'm sure it must have been illegal, a breach of good morals or fattening, but I never got in trouble for it, meaning they never caught me. I was wild back then and had to be licensed and tagged at the nearby animal control facility. I only barked and growled for the first 12years of my life. Yeah, I could climb any tree and run like a chicken for a cricket. Nowadays, of course, I just shuffle along, stop every few yards to catch my breath, wave to the widows and pick up a lost penny here and there. Your kids are wonderful. They look like they have endless energy. I love their mother.

Love, Dad