Monday, February 09, 2009

Ton o' pictures

There's a curse that comes with figuring out the best your camera can do. My husband thinks I don't need a sexy digital SLR because of what I can take with the Optio S50 I use now. Ugh! He doesn't get it..he really doesn't. He doesn't understand the joy that comes with photography. I wish he did. He likes what I do now..but I can't express enough to him how much better photos would be if I had a better camera. He doesn't believe it!

Maybe it's because we have a nice camera already. <~~~~ Orion wrote that. Not me.

It's decent. It takes good pictures. It takes awesome pictures. BUT..I know what else is out there! I know the possibilities! I guess I'll just have to suffer. Anyway. So..since it was gorgeous out today..the kids wanted to stay outside. That's cool. Go for it. Explore. Use your imaginations!

Some of the pictures I took today:

Doesn't everyone use a rock as a phone?

...I never said some of these weren't random.

...I have this thing for lanterns and lamp posts lately. Perhaps you've noticed.

And then the sexy man returned home. With milk so I could finish preparing dinner.

Peas and vegetarian chicken..which I then threw into a 4 cheese sauce (why I needed milk) and poured over pasta.

It was too delicious to stop and photograph.

That was the majority of my day. I'd hate to admit it..but I was the one who weed whacked the backyard this morning. It was totally half-assed but ya was BAD back there. They're supposed to come back and do our yard once a week and they've literally only done it once since we've lived here and this mom was getting tired tired tired of her boys going out to play then coming back in with stickers all over their clothing (and Orion assumed the weed whacker died when he was doing the yard at the old house in the rain so he never picked it back up. But this girl knew better. She knew a fuse probably just blew..which it did..and this morning I discovered that yes, indeed, our weed whacker still works). So I sucked it up and tried to be the hero...but thing is..I've only ever done that weed whacking thing once before. And I was 19. So I tried and I'm still sickly and it was heavy and hurt my wrists (and my arms shook for hours afterwards). I'm just not that kind of girl. I think about it. I'll do what needs to be done because I am army wife..hear me roar RARRRR!!!

That and of course I worked out and used the Wii and what not (and yes, I mastered the meditation game with no noise from sleeping babies)..then cleaned and did laundry, of course. It was a pretty eventful and delicious kind of day around here. The kind I love.


YogaNana said...

Where's the gecko?

All those pictures of the back yard and no gecko.

Abby said...

You would have been really creeped out this morning, mom because when I was getting the weed whacker out of the garage..a big black gecko was running all over the place. I'd never seen a black gecko until this that was weird. Aww missed out. Hahaha!

Hannah said...

I've wanted to get into photography too but there's no way we could afford the proper equipment and I'm too lazy to figure out my camera. I'm sure it could do some nifty things, I just haven't gotten to that point yet.

Yummmm dinner!