Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let's See Etsy

When I told Orion I wanted this:

He laughed and said "what would you do with that?" and I laughed and said "wear it." I was joking. Sort of., I'm going to share some of my favorite things on Etsy (that I've seen so far because dude..there's A LOT) with you. You're welcome.

Because box purses are awesome

I love the pretty and delicate

Ugh.. I love it

Spats should make a comeback heheh

It's called the Abigail..must be sign hehe.

I love non-typical looking vases..and corsets. Mix them up and you win. Or I win.

and the soft and cozy

I have 8 like this in my favorites list..I must really like it.

A scarflette. Who needs all of that extra scarf falling all over the place? Not this girl. (not that I need one of these right now..but someday I'll live where it's cold again.)

This print is a 30x40 and I want it in my living room. Immediately.

Hey, say..anyone else wanna play along? I think you can learn a lot about people by what's in their Etsy favorites. And it has to be Etsy..or you're cheating. Would anyone have guessed I had these things on my list? That's it..I'm calling you out. Go to 5-10 of your favorite things and post them in your blog. I want to see. I'm happy with my list. Show me yours.
ALSO.. A big big happy birthday to my sister Hannah! I love you, dollface!

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