Monday, February 09, 2009

Vomit Blech Vomit

I'm still nauseous.

Failed the test yesterday..even though I swear I saw a very faint line. So..we wait. We wait a few more days and if still nothing..we retest. This time in the morning. And if still nothing..I call doctor..make appointment. This girl is not allowed to be broken. I have no replacement (and I don't want one, either).

While I was down yesterday (and I was *down* yesterday. Thank goodness Orion has weekends off because the children would not have been taken care of very well had I been here alone.)..the children were so well behaved (and Calix took a nap! Oh my gosh, he napped!) that they got a special treat after dinner. Popcorn and a movie. Orion popped some corn..distributed to the chillins and they laid on the ground picking piece by piece out of their bowls and popping them into their little mouths while paying very close attention to what was happening on the screen. My heart was just bursting from love for these little guys! Ugh, they're the best! And even though it was waaayyyy cuter in person, I couldn't help but snap a couple of pictures of them:

I will nom their faces if they're not careful!

Also while I was down (the kind of down in which vomiting takes so much out of retch with your entire body and then your abs ache..and ache..and you can't stand up straight without feeling like someone is ice skating..or sumo wrestling on your guts), the husband painted my toes. Awww. It was his first time..but I think he did an awesome job.

To say that he's one of the greatest husbands in the world is a gross understatement. Ugh, he's too wonderful to me.
I love you, O..thanks again for taking the reigns yesterday! Muah!


Hilary said...

*squeals in excitement* Eeeeeek!!!!

I hope it is +!!! Maybe your body was trying to tell you something the other day when you saw that little baby?

Hilary said...

oh, and I guess I should also say that the boys look absolutely adorable!! So sweet and innocent!

hilary said...

one more thing (are you sick of me yet?) I wanted to say that you have so much more willpower than I do! I would have tested 458769458 more times already. (no joke, I bought at least a dozen tests at a time. I was addicted to peeing on them lol)

YogaNana said...

You do have a great husband and cute little guys, and the movie/popcorn fest looks like fun. Too bad you weren't feeling your best at the same time.

It does occur to me that if the test was wrong, I may know what to do with the lacy baby afghan still in progress ... and might also finish it in time. This time.

Jenna Consolo said...

Only the best husbands paint toenails. Awesome.

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

awwh that's so sweet that polished your toes for you, they look good! lol