Saturday, February 14, 2009

The rest...

Maddox's cake:

It's nothing super fancy..just a triple chocolate fudge cake (I had an idea for a S'mores cake way too late in the game..but it's in my mind's recipe box for another time). I cut a "2" out using the Cricut..placed the negative on the cake and filled it with blue sprinkles.

opening Sheriff from Cars..from mommy

The slide is from daddy. It's a beginner's slide for him (we thought if we got the taller one..there would be tears that one can wait a little longer)..and yeah, it's smaller than the box let on hahaha. Those must have been some EXTRA tiny little kids.

I know that motorcycle is going to be used to ride down that slide at some point. Crap.

plain mommy. Singing Happy Birthday. He mostly blew out his candles..mommy and daddy helped. He gets an A for effort though!


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