Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Maddox!!!

(A shortened version of Maddox's birth story. I never wrote it..and it's two years late..but it's here)

Two years ago today, you were in my arms for the very first time.

I'd been aware that your father was possibly going to be deployed and he needed to be there for your birth (I didn't want to be alone) I added a little Castor oil to my fruit juice and after drinking that down, I sent your dad out for a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's. We went to bed shortly afterwards and around 3 in the morning I woke up to go potty and when I got back into bed, contractions started *hard*. One right after the other. And then my water broke. We threw some stuff in a bag..and got your brother Calix up and then headed to the hospital. Daddy was careful about the potholes. Ya know, in movies they always make it seem like you arrive at the hospital and they're there waiting for you at the curb with a wheelchair. They're not. After parking, you have to walk down many hallways and use elevators..and walk down more hallways. Of course we paused every couple of minutes for me to lean on a wall and breathe. And then when we got to the maternity ward, they had to check to make sure mommy's water actually broke..which it did..and they got me into bed. But because my water had broken..they put me on petocin to quicken the labor. Something to be known about your mom...when she's in labor *no one* lets her sleep. She wakes up to lots of people standing over her and staring down like she's a show and not a person. Anyway. So your great-grandmother on your father's side (your dad's dad's mom) arrived to take Calix home (even though he was a great sport about the whole thing) and tend to him for the next couple of days. Dad went to work for a while (he *had* to because they were a few short days from deploying and there was no way around it) stayed in bed contracting before receiving an epidural and finally getting a few moments of rest in before waking up to see your father back in the room and thinking..hey..I think I feel a little pressure. I suppose we could push. Nurses and doctors came in and they said that yes, they could see there was pressure and I was ready to let's get to it. They propped my legs up (because when you have an can't lift your legs for *anything*) and mommy pushed 3 times. They were all amazed at how fast I pushed you out, dear. They thought they were in it for the long haul..little did they know. The nurses barely got settled! At noon, exactly, you made your way into this world. They plopped you on mommy's tummy while daddy cut the cord (and they let me feel it..which was..interesting) and then you were taken from me to get all cleaned up and weighed and fussed over. I was more than ready to hold you by the time you made it back to me. My baby. So beautiful!

We were brought to our post-partum room shortly afterwards. Guys from daddy's work brought mommy a big bouquet of flowers and a card with money (that everyone had pitched in for) (we bought diapers with it..if anyone's wondering) that was signed by everyone at the motorpool. Because the next day was Valentine's Day, the staff brought up sparkling apple cider, a heart full of chocolates, and a romantic dinner for 2.

I love that you were born so very close to Valentine's day..because you're so very full of love. You kept mommy sane while daddy was away (he left 5 days after you were born. You got here just in time!) and your big brother tested limits. Even still, your very favorite thing is to be cuddled up on the couch with mommy under a blanket. You throw yourself onto big fuzzy stuffed animals (or our fuzzy rug) and rub your face all over them while you giggle.

You're fearless and adventurous. You hurl your body from furniture and try to land on your feet..and come the rare time you don't, you say "ow" and get back up to try again. We call you Fearless for this reason.

We also call you Dramaddox because you can be very dramatic and throw Oscar worthy fits..especially when you're told "no" about something you know you shouldn't have done and feel so embarrassed you've been scolded. You're awesome. You're my lovey, cuddly, fearless, dramatic, grass eating little boy and I absolutely adore you.

Happy birthday,'re one of the best little boys this mommy could ask for.


Jenna Consolo said...

So sweet! I can't believe he's 2!! It flies by, doesn't it? Happy Birthday, little guy!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday little Maddox! Sweet little man you!

Sarah said...

Aww! Happy Birthday, Maddox!