Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Choo Choo Choose You

Hey say..Happy Valentine's Day! Happy, mostly..except I have a sick sick baby who's vomiting everywhere. Including all over my pretty pretty party dress..which I obviously had to change out of and then re-shower (I screamed. I'm not gonna lie..I lost my cool. I screamed and stripped clothing off of myself and ran naked screaming upstairs to the shower. I didn't want it infiltrating my nostrils again and make me vomit!) Poor Maddox. :(

Orion has yet to do anything ya know..Valentine-y..but I know he has something up his sleeve because he left earlier and was gone for quite a while. I made him a homemade Valentine card with a sweet sweet poem on the back..and I heart attacked his side of the bed. He hasn't seen any of it it'll be silly when he goes in to find what I've left. We're waiting till the kids go to bed till we get all romantic and what not. We're doing a dinner for two here at home. The kids already ate..but after they go to bed, we're going to sit down to balsamic and red wine filet mignons, rosemary red baked potatoes, and a nice leafy green salad. And then of course..leftover chocolate cake for dessert (I was going to make a cheesecake..but ya know..there's this yummy cake in the fridge). The potatoes are in the oven and mmm mmm mmm they sure do smell delicious! I can't wait to have my honey sitting next to me with candles lit and a glass of champagne while we stare lovingly into one another's eyes..or whatever..without screaming children all around. I'd do more..but lack of money on my part means he gets a cute Valentine and a romantic dinner.


It's the good life.

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