Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6w 6d

I don't think I ever wrote about the time we were driving down one of the roads in Pearl City and this flew over our car:

(not my picture)

Orion and I both looked at one another and were all "Dude! Look at those colored birds! That can't be natural! What the heck..???" or something along those lines.

And then a few days later when we were driving down the same road I said "remember when those brightly colored birds flew over our car?" and he said "I thought I made that up! So that really happened, huh?" "yep."

Turns out..there's a guy in Pearl City who has this flock of trained rainbow pigeons. He got them that way with food coloring and something else. And you can hire him to release those beautiful birds for birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduations..and whatever else..for a fee. Isn't that cool? Trained RAINBOW pigeons! I think that's pretty neat. They sure were gorgeous flying overhead..and now every time we drive down that road I hope to see them.

In an unrelated memo..if this baby is a girl, I want to do a fairy..gardeny type theme for her room (and I've had her name picked out since I was 16..but let's not get ahead of ourselves here). I cannot find any cute fairy mobiles anywhere..so I would probably put this in its place..or hanging up in her room somewhere else. But most likely over her cherry wood crib. I think I might take the bird off and put one of my collectible fairies on it instead. I mean ya know..IF this is a girl.

I think it would be just darling. So feminine! And shoot..if baby 3 is a boy..mommy will just have to buy that and stick it somewhere else in the house..because I still really like it.


Jenna Consolo said...

The birds are amazing! I hope they don't get bird cancer from all the food dye.

And the mobile is lovely! Very cute idea. Can't wait to find out! (and what's the name?)

Abby said...

Ah, tis a secret! O and I have decided that the name will remain secret till the baby arrives. Girl or boy..ya'll will have to wait!

YogaNana said...

It's Alex, right? Or Alix. Gotta keep that terminal *x* thing going. :o)

I LOVE the mobile and I think you ought to hang it over your own bed if you don't have a girl.

I don't have to tell you I love those birds ...

Abby said...

Nope..no "x" this time! Er..maybe.