Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bumpity bump

Well, this has been an interesting day so far. This morning while I was tweezing eyebrows (you pluck chickens..not eyebrows!) and preparing to head to my doctor's appointment at the hospital, the boys were playing like normal. Nothing unusual going on there. Maddox runs around. Maddox bumps into things. Not unusual for him. So I didn't flinch when he ran down the hallway and slammed into a wall. He cried. Of course he did..he hit a wall. So he ran over to me and I hugged and kissed and told him it was okay..but he was crying longer than he normally does for something like that and I was on a time crunch. I have this amount of time to get ready before going to the I passed him off to Orion. And as I was doing that, I saw something. I didn't have my glasses on and so I swung Orion's chair around, picked Maddox up and took a squinty look at him. And then I screamed. And then I cried. And I freaked out and kept screaming that we had to call 911! Call 911! Now! Oh my gosh, my baby!!! Orion said there was no point in calling the ambulance..we had an appointment anyway..let's just go right now. (no make up!!!!) So I ran around the house..shaking..grabbed 2 for for Maddox. I threw on some clothes and while Orion was dressing the boys, I packed the diaper bag and threw some concealer, blush, and mascara on (You know you're in a rush when you get to the hospital and people are staring at you and you think to yourself '...did I blend my concealer in..or did I just throw it on and keep on going?') my face before swooping my children up and into the car and "no, Maddox! Don't fall asleep!" "Stay awake, baby..stay awake!"

I suppose I should tell you what happened. He slammed his head into a corner. A huge..huge bump..probably about half the size of a golf ball..was hanging off of the right side of his forehead. It was *huge* and blue and was bleeding.

So we pull up to the emergency room and I grab Maddox and tell Orion to go find a parking space..I'll be inside. I'm panicked. The thought of something horrible happening to my baby is about the worst thought I could have. I *adore* Maddox like extra whoah and twice on Sunday.

So I bring him in and I'm crying and Maddox is chillin..but cuddling..and talking about how he's tired and wants a night night (it was 8:45am)..and I'm trying to keep him awake because that's what they tell you to do when there's a head injury (or at least I've heard it somewhere before. Not a time for chance taking!). And after the whole initial assessment and all of that, we were called back to see a real doctor (thank goodness for the timing because the ER was like..empty and that *NEVER* happens to me). He looked him over. Asked how it happened. Told me what it was. Told me nothing is fractured. Told me it'll probably swell up more and look a lot uglier as the day goes on because that's blood in there (which is what doctor Orion told me..but I don't take chances..I need to make sure my children are okay and if it means they get taken to the ER from time to time so I can feel will happen.) and prescribed him some Tylenol because he'll probably have a headache..and we were given a paper with things to look out for within the next 24 hours and I need to wake him up every 2 hours tonight (yay me!) to make sure he's okay. So.

The swelling has gone down quite a bit since the incident

We're exhausted. What is it about the hospital that just drains you? Speaking of I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I mentioned that. To do a pregnancy test for them so we could carry on with this whole thing and schedule the first ultrasound and all of that. So I go to pee in the cup and when they do the test? It comes back negative. I don't understand. I had a positive..I'm going on 23 days late..what gives?? So I got sent down to the lab to do bloodwork and they're doing an HCG test through that instead. I'll be called within the next couple of days to let me know what the results were. I'm worried. What the heck? So I'm exhausted from that whole mess as well. But other than that, they talked about what good health and shape I'm in for being a chubbers. They said normally when someone's overweight their heart rate is all high..but mine was at a steady 74..which I guess is pretty good. I mean..I'm chubby, people..but I'm not THAT bad. I have a tummy. The rest of me's holding up nicely. And then I need to go back and do a fasting bloodwork. I'm not quite sure what for..I was pretty much falling asleep at that point. was a draining one for sure. For sure.


YogaNana said...

Well, what a relief that Maddox is okay! I know you know how head wounds do bleed and swell and carry on.

I once got a negative blood test at my doctor's. I knew the test was wrong and I went back two weeks later. Pretty sure that was Micah.

Saint Holiday said...

I love you more than ever. It's true; I just checked, and the love level is way up. You may have to pad your walls and furniture for the Wild One, Mr. Electron. Take care. Give my love to the Hero.


Jenna Consolo said...

Well, what a morning! My goodness! Head wounds are scary, for sure. Glad he's okay, and try not to worry about #3.

Love you. Take a nap.