Monday, February 23, 2009

6 weeks..5 days

I feel so blah lately. Nothing extra important is going on..nothing to really blog about.

I'm feeling not very impressed with myself. I feel like everyone thinks I'm annoying. I feel that way a lot, though. I get so very sick over talking about myself and I feel like "man! Everyone must think I'm the most self absorbed annoying person ever" and trust me I know I talk about myself in blog comments too much. It's my way of trying to relate with you. I'm sorry I do that. I'll try to get better about that sort of thing.

I'm just all emotional and very silly, I suppose. This growing a baby thing is weird, man. I still have yet to make my doctor's appointment for the first check up. I will. I will. Ugh, I just so hate being poked and prodded and having blood drawn and's so annoying! I think growing a military type baby is more work than any other. They test you like crazy, man! I just wanna slap everyone away and be all 'get off, lay off!' (That would be Aunt Edna from National Lampoon's Vacation who said that)

Anyway. So I'm grumpy and tired. So tired. And crampy. And my back! Oh my goodness, my back.

On a happier note..I've lost 5 pounds so that's good. It's nothing huge..but it's a lovely start and seeing myself slim down..and having my husband even notice the changes feels pretty good. Jenna may be right..I may end up losing weight this time around instead of gaining. How nice would that be?? Ugh, I have fantasies of being lighter than I am now when I go into labor and then losing more weight from nursing and what not..and it's like..angels are singing in my ears when I think about it. You know.. "ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" all angel-y and what not. Wouldn't that be so super swell? I do declare!

...Back to being a mom.


Jenna Consolo said...

Who's annoyed by you? Not me! I love your comments/posts/emails/whatever I can get from you whenever I can get it! Keep it coming. You're so far away and it keeps you near.

Congrats on 5 pounds! I remember during my pregnancy with Aiden I looked so fantastic. I exercised every single ding dong day (after the throwing up stopped) and got so toned up instead of spreading out. It was great, and it made for an easy homebirth. You can do this. Take care of you, and that baby will cook up just fine!

I love you! Take a nap every day too! People who sleep more (but not to extreme) lose more weight, did you know?

Sarah said...

I don't recall ever having thoughts of annoyance about you either. I was just mentioning to Josiah the other day how it's nice when other people use themselves as an example to relate to you. It helps you realize you're not alone.

I agree with Jenna...take plenty of nappage!

Hannah said...

Seriously, who's annoyed with you? Shoot, I like getting commments on my blog, no matter what they're about. Haha I'm such a nerd.

WooHoo 5 lbs!!!! Way to go.