Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pop Quiz, Orion!

"Hey, all of my siblings. In age order."

"Ethan.." "Nope." "Uhh..the other one that I don't know.." "What?! Jenna! It's Jenna. She's the oldest of us" "Okay that's what I said. Jenna, Ethan, uhhh..Micah.." "WHAT?? No. Josiah.." "That's what I said. Jenna, Ethan, Josiah, Micah" "Ugh, you're the worst." "Jenna, Ethan, Josiah, Amanda, Micah, not you, Hannah, then you..then Noah anddd..Jonah"

Sometimes I like to just mess with people and give them a random sibling quiz. Because to *me* it's so easy. Ya know..because they're my siblings. Mom would be all JENNAETHANJOSIAHAMANDAMICAHHANNAHABBYNOAHJONAH (Prayer! or Dinner! Or something else that you can fill in the blank for)!!! In one long string like that on the daily..hahahaha. Awww. I heart everyone.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a mighty nasty migraine to tend to. I swear my brain is just going to leap out of my skull one day. It's horrible. Land in my lap and I'll be all "oh, how'd that get there?" ewwww hahaha.

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Jenna Consolo said...

At least I didn't pop right into his head as being the oldest. Gotta love him for that.